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Noob :P Start date - April 18th.


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Hey all,


My name is Soub. I am doing the Whole30 because of a friend of mine introduced me to it. I have been reading the book, and I am planning my 30 days. Currently, I am planning my meals, and grocery list for the next little while. I am new at this and I have a few supporters around me. I hope to see positive changes with my body, and outlook on food. I plan on competing in a Spartan Race come July.


Ive spent the last 5 months becoming a healthier person in general, including going to the gym multiple times a week. So far, I've lost 15 lbs making healthier choices, but limiting my diet. Now, its time for me to make healthier choices everyday, and know what goes into my body.


I hope that everyone reading this, knows that they can complete their 30 days. I know I can. 


Thanks :)

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