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can't get rid of Whole30 poops

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So I've been eating 3 meals/day with some snacks. My snacks are nuts or fruit.  

Breakfast has been eggs with veggies (spinach; bell pepper; avocado)

Lunch is usually leftovers, so chicken and I'll have carrots with guacamole.

Dinner is either chicken or fish and veggie.

I've been eating a few Halo tangerines each day, too.

I've been drinking water, but probably not enough.


I can't seem to get rid of little soft poops.  Any advice would be great.

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Cut out the snacking for starters... you should be building your meals to last you 4-5 hours between with no snacking and nuts/fruit on their own are notoriously hard on the digestive system...


It's hard to tell what your portion quantities are... avocado is considered a fat, not a veg for template purposes (referencing your breakfast).

Your dinner doesn't look like it has fat...

If you want to put portion sizes and specific veggies, that will help us trouble shoot...


Two or three days of what you've eaten... specifically... otherwise it's hard for us to say...

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