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Different Opinons from Whole30 docs & Almond Milk


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Hi.  I just started the Whole30 last Thursday and so far I am doing really good. I am not trying to lose weight, instead I eat poorly, if at all, and I am trying to push myself to eat three healthy meals a day.  One of the things that came up is almond milk.  I have the Unsweetened Silk, very few ingredients.


My problem is this, on one doc it states it is not allowed, to not use almond milk purchased, to make it.  And then on the sheet (Additives Cheat-Sheet) that gives the NOT ALLOWED and the list of ALLOWS it states the two ingredients in the Silk almond milk are allowed. I have a friend who is starting it in a few weeks and she is telling me I am not complying if I put a little in my coffee (pretty much only time I use it).  No processed foods or "non-foods", I get that!  She ends with "GO BIG OR GO HOME!"  


So which Whole30 document is correct?  Also, one of the similar ingredients is in the can of Coconut Milk that you recommend on your Pantry Stocking guide.  I am trying to doing this right.  But which is right?


Help! Thank you,


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Store bought almond milk is fine so long as there are no off plan ingredients in it. It's not the BEST choice (that would be home-made) but it is allowed.

When I say it's allowed I should clarify that I mean for adding to your coffee or the like, not for drinking as a replacement to cow's milk.

The same would apply to coconut milk.


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