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I am on day 9 of my whole 30. I feel good.  Parts of the whole 30 were not hard for me, I gave up soda and caffiene 10 years ago, so that was a plus.  I am (was) an avid gum chewer, that was a hard thing for me but I have noticed the last few days I haven't really thought about it.  This diet is a big change from what I did for 15 years, I was a vegetarian, vegan most of the time.  I started eating meat again a few months ago, at 51 I was struggling with my weight and energy level and knew I needed to change some things. I was having almost daily headaches, I think my body is going through normal hormonal changes and it has been reeking havic on me mentally and physically.  I can say I have not had a headache since the first couple of days on whole 30.  I had horrible bloating the first few days but that is gone now too.  I think the very hardest part for me is that I have weighed daily for as long as I can remember as soon as I wake up.  I had my husband hide my scale, I will not say I have forgotten about it because I have not, but I do not feel like part of me is missing like I did in the beginning :).  I am use to meal prep from my many years as a vegetarian altough over the last few years my husband and I have eaten out a lot, kids are grown just easy, that is over!  I am excited to be here on this journey at this time.  I cook for my grown kids and grandkids every Sunday and yesterday I was not even tempted by the treats I had for the grands. 

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