Guilty of cauliflower mash


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To celebrate the end of week 1, I decided to make porkchops and cauliflower mash. We hadn't tried any sides, just protein and veggies. The coconut cream made the cauliflower so creamy. I felt so guilty afterwards. It was awful! I never thought eating clean could taste so good!

Amazingly, no cravings, no sugar dragon, and I have a terrible sweet tooth. I'm very motivated and my husband is doing this with me. So far much easier than expected.

Sleeping well, no hunger, more energy. Here's to week 2!!

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It's kind of scary when eating healthy can make us feel guilty because we enjoyed it!


It's good to have a bit of a think about this aspect, as eating good food shouldn't make us feel guilty, getting pleasure from food isn't a bad thing :)


Now I want cauliflower mash! :D

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