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October is going to be MY month


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My Whole 30 starts today. Although I am blogging about my experience on my blog, I am going to try to track (not really track track but list) my menus here. This way when I don't know what to eat, I can look back here and think about which menus I liked.

Day 1, meal 1 -- butternut squash soup with chicken. The soup was made based on a paleo recipe with the bacon left out as I do not have Whole 30 compliant bacon. I used coconut oil for cooking. It is quite good and satisfying.

Day 1, meal 2 -- julienned zucchini with ground turkey and diced tomatoes

Day 1, pre workout -- apple with almond butter

Day 1, meal 3 -- Tuna, pickled ginger, spinach (also post work out)

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Day two is in the books.

Pre Workout -- pumpkin/sweet potato mash with coconut oil

Meal 1 -- butternut squash soup with shredded chicken

Meal 2 -- beef bone broth, almond butter, and an apple

Meal 3 -- Grass fed ground beef and brussel sprouts

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I didn't fall off the wagon...just got busy. I am back to work after four weeks off (I work for a great company that gives you eight extra weeks off as a research and study leave after 15 years of service. I took four weeks last year and just finished my second four weeks.)

Hubby and I are doing well. For him, finding things to drink is the hardest thing with no milk or soda but I am proud of him as he is finding whole 30 compliant alternatives. Last night he made a perfectly compliant chili.

Things continue to go well.

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