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Emily's October Whole30!


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Hooray! It is finally here.

Which is good, because I woke up really grumpy, partially I'm sure to the yuck-food that I ate at the end of last week.

Pictures are documented and weight is documented and I'm super ready to get back on track. I really wish I could do better at riding my own bike. I do okay... then worse... then by the end of the eight weeks I'm back in yuck-land.

But I love harvest time! And I signed up for the Whole30 daily which will hopefully be a nice little treat during this Whole30.

So far: Meal 1: 2-egg omelet with spinach and carrots.

I can't wait for it to be day 20... I want to feel good again.

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As I'm sure everyone who read this thought, I did not eat enough breakfast! But in the spirit of not snacking, I just decided to have a slightly early (and big) lunch. :) I think I should follow Derval and take pictures of my meals... perhaps in the future.

Lunch: spaghetti squash (I realize this is pretty Paleo-cliche, but I LOVE spaghetti squash!) with Well-Fed's Sunshine Sauce, red peppers, cucumbers, and steak. (My boyfriend who is a real cook says that I put strange combinations together... if that's a strange combination, just notice that I ate 3! vegetables and move on! :lol: )

In general I'm a very happy black coffee person, but I had just a tiny little bit of coconut milk left over so I made myself a "fancy" coffee with coconut milk that I'm drinking right now.

It's goofy, but I already feel better! Taking charge of my eating makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER! I have to figure out a better way to ride my own bike... but that's a blissful 30 days away. :D

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Day two and I am really freaking grumpy. I don't think it's even the kill-all-the-things stage... I think it's circumstances and life and stuff. Gerr.

However, I have been on plan with food and snacking, er, not snacking. I ate a big breakfast this morning, a nice lunch, a 3pm snack, and I'm sure dinner will be good.

I hope to be less grumpy tomorrow.

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Thanks Tuff! I did and it did :).

I am SO MUCH BETTER today! HOORAY! And, I realized why I've been grumpy the last two days :ph34r: You'd think one of these months I'd put it all together BEFOREHAND (I like caps today), but this wasn't the month. Jeez! :wacko::lol:

I've eaten well today, although probably not enough. I work 48hrs straight on Weds/Thurs and that often throws off my food/sleep schedule. But I'm doing pretty well so far. It's a nice feeling to be getting some days under my belt too... that always helps me get more committed. Plus, I'm already beginning to feel less bloated... ahhhhhh.

It might snow tonight! I'm excited! :D

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Day 6

Haven't posted for a bit, but still humming along and really enjoying being in the Whole30 groove again! One difference between this W30 and my past ones is that I'm exercising at a higher intensity this time. I was curious to see if I would have trouble, but I've been feeling fine. I think my body really likes to be fat adapted.

As Paleo gets bigger and bigger I'm seeing more and more written about it in print. This morning I read a back and forth between a vegetarian and a paleo eater in a local free paper. The vegetarian side included fear tactics such as "there's a reason vegetarians live seven years longer than people who eat meat" and these statements make me mad and irritate me. I wish we could discuss things at a deeper level and without so much ego. I'm probably being effected by the election (which I'm not going into!) but I just feel like there is so much disinformation, intentional and unintentional out there about everything! Food, politics, health ... even trying to buy a house! I always want to know the "truth," even though I consider myself evolved enough to know that really there likely isn't one definite truth that applies to everyone.

Anyway... end morning philosophy. Apparently I need to write in my (secret) journal more today.

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br5532, I've never been to New Jersey, but there is a place there called the Pine Barrens that is supposed to be pretty cool and is on my list to check out. Are you anywhere near there?

Today is good. I'm off and I feel like I've been working a lot lately and I came home and my bf had cleaned the house. :wub: He is wonderful! We've been relaxing-- went to the used bookstore (I picked up guides on using Photoshop and Illustrator... two complicated new tools that I'm playing with) and enjoyed lots of browsing. The six-year-old is really getting into reading which is great, so she was allowed to pick out one book for herself and she picked out a book on Spiderman. B) Now the Bronco's game is on, the dogs are lounging, and I'm just hanging out.

I already feel so much leaner! I think I bloat a lot when eating off plan, that and retain water (or maybe they are the same?).

I'm really happy with how easily I've fallen into this Whole30. Again, I want to figure out a way to stay closer to it when I'm "riding my own bike"... not sure what my next strategy will be, but the last obviously didn't work. Maybe I will try staying on on weekdays and allowing myself slightly more off on weekends.

Since you liked that picture, here's another. This one needs a disclaimer though-- I have a nice camera and I am NOT standing nearly as close to this guy as it looks in the picture. I work on the ambulance and I've run on people who have been attacked by elk, so I have to throw my wildlife safely message in there!

Also, how do I get the picture IN the post? Do I have to load it to flicker or something like that? Hmmm.


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Day (hmmm, what's the date?) 9!

Doing good, feeling good! I'm in a good place (knock on wood) lately where it seems the major issues and loose ends are taken care of and life is happily humming along by itself! Eggplant strata was a good dinner last night and chocolate chili is in the crockpot right now. Walked the dogs earlier (chilly, grey day, feels good to me). Now I have a few moments to myself before everyone gets home.

I like it! I hope it continues!

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Still here. Day 11.

I'm struggling today, not so much with eating but with a horrible news story that is going on close to my home. A young girl appears to have been abducted and the news is getting worse every day. It is scary and terrifying and saddening. I suspect I will have to force myself to eat today because I'm feeling very nauseous, likely because of the news.

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Day 13.

The news is awful and grisly and I'm not sure how much to write about it here, but the girl is dead and it appears, horribly. We have three girls, all within 5 years of this girl's age and I'm really struggling with this event.

From a food perspective, I haven't gone off the Whole30, although I have let more SWYPO in. I've had a huge desire to go off though-- wine so I'll quit thinking about it, sugar as comfort food, just generally wanting to say F-U to the Whole30 right now. It is interesting to watch; part of my brain is saying:

"This is so much bigger than how you are eating, you need to eat to comfort yourself. Pink frosted cookies and cookie dough ice cream will help."


"Really, this happens and you are thinking about Omega 3s instead of Omega 6s? Really??"

Right now, this Whole30 sort of feels like a ridiculous luxury or weird entitlement.

But when I step away from those feelings, I know intellectually that I'm probably way more stable eating this way than I would be if I was on the roller coaster of alcohol and sugar, and it is taking care of myself to eat this way. My body feels so much better eating this way and I am so much more comfortable overall. I wish my emotions would come into line with that. I wonder if they ever will.

I'm really lucky and grateful to live with a man who is a terrific Paleo cook and who is very caring. He is dealing with this event too, but I think he's dealing with it more by not thinking about it, which is fine. At this point I'm really relying on our Paleo habits and, thank goodness, they are there.

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Day 16.

I'm really bad at keeping my log this time! In some ways I think that is good; it is because I know how to eat this way now and it isn't that big of a change.

Having said that, some "crack" has recently entered my life and I've realized I have to be careful. My boyfriend brought home a trail mix that is nuts (no peanuts) and dried fruit-- no chocolate chips or other sneaky little pieces of sugar! (okay, dried fruit kind of counts as sneaky little bits of sugar). Man, I could eat a lot of that. I've noticed that I've had more gas and bloating since I've been eating it... and I have a hard time stopping once I start. So I'm backing off!

I also bought some figs yesterday at the store. I spent a long time looking at ingredients and bought some that didn't have sulfur dioxide as an ingredient. But when I bit into them they tasted gross--super chemically. Yuck. So no figs.

I like to buy myself a "treat" at the grocery store because I hate the grocery store... yesterday, as you can probably tell, I was trying to find a new treat. After picking up the figs I realized that my treat could be office supplies! I have an office supply problem :ph34r:, which I think is perfectly fine to indulge when I grocery shop. I can buy stickers or pens instead of cookies! :lol:

Beginning to think about riding my own bike again. I have shown (myself) this Whole30 that I can live in a house with bread and bagels and cheese and not eat them. I think the key there is just to not ever to eat them; it becomes too slippery of a slope if I start. I'm thinking about staying Paleo but allowing more SWYPO things in this time. In the past I've never tried many Paleo "desserts" because I usually don't like substitutions... I prefer the real thing. But apples with melted coconut butter is a huge treat.

Also, I'm thinking of trying the eat-Whole30-on-weekdays-and-relax-some-on-weekends method. This is a little complicated because I often work weekends and have weekdays off, but there is a mixture and that mixture might be nice.

Right after my Whole30 is done I'm taking a mini-vacation (WOOHOO!), and I've also thought about just being off for that (it's only 3 days) and then eating Whole30 between the time I get back and Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and will definitely off-road for that.

Starting to think and plan. ;)

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