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Emily's October Whole30!


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Day 17. A very chaotic day. Sometimes ambulance days are like that.

I did have a "I'm so glad I'm fat adapted!" day, as I didn't manage to eat anything until about 1:30. (I know, super poor planning). When I did get to eat, it was at a Mexican restaurant... and I wasn't willing to ask a thousand questions while sitting there with my co-workers. I ordered beef carnitas and only ate the meat and veggies. But I'm sure it wasn't perfect.

Oh well. I'm back on my own food for dinner (spaghetti squash curry!) and I'm going to keep on. My bf accidentally ate some rice syrup the other day (he ate a Lara-Uber bar without reading the ingredients first), so this isn't a perfect W30 for either of us. *But,* I'm still feeling WAY BETTER, enjoying feeling lean and strong and just downright good. ;)

In other news... it's been such a hectic day that I'm having trouble getting my brain to settle down. Breathing.

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Day 21.

Still here! I'm quite behind on sleep--haven't been able to get enough since Wednesday, and I am feeling it. Every time I got irritated with the kids today I had to remind myself that I was low on sleep. Hopefully in the next few days I'll get caught up.

Food has been good... I love looking in the fridge and seeing random, already cooked things that I know will go together! My breakfast this morning was a sweet potato (already cooked) with broccoli and tomatoes (already cut up) and three eggs (over easy, cooked in clarified butter). I mixed it all with what we call "basilnaise" - homemade mayo with leaves from our basil plants mixed in. Yum!

I found myself actually contemplating weighing myself today, mainly out of curiosity. Decided just to enjoy my increasing curves B).

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Last post for this log.

I finished my fourth Whole30 of 2012 Tuesday! I'm afraid that I don't have anything hugely profound to say. At this point not being bloated, sleeping well, not getting sinus infections, not being run by sugar are my expectations for daily living. I was thrilled with how easily this Whole30 went; these habits are beginning to make themselves at home in my life. I lost a little bit of weight, which was likely water and bloat. That is fine, as I don't really want to lose any more weight. I'm strong at workouts and my energy level is stable and awesome (and energy has been a problem for me in the past).

I just feel good. :D

I did drift off the Whole30 today with a glass of orange juice. The fact that I see orange juice as mostly sugar now, instead of convincing myself that it is somehow healthy, is a testament to how much my ideas about food have changed. It tasted good.

I would like to announce that I ate NO Halloween candy, even though I gave out a ridiculous amount of it as part of my job last night. (and I realized that I have an idealogical problem with a hospital giving out candy. Contradictions make me crazy. More on that somewhere else).

The candy didn't even look appealing to me... when a doc tried to force (!) me to have a piece I just gave him a "you gotta be kidding me" look and did not accept the candy.

Now for the future...

My plan is to enjoy my mini-vacation this weekend with a few off-plan items (a glass of wine and I'm not sure what else), and then to get back on Monday. From there I think I'll play the weekdays-on and weekends-have-more-leeway game. Perhaps I'll start a post Whole30 log.

I keep asking myself "why did I have to be told to eat real food?" I don't have an answer for that.

To Melissa and Dallas (and all the great moderators and members here):

Thank you.

At the risk of being sentimental, I will say, The Whole30 truly has changed my life.

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