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wholelivingmom's Whole 30 log!


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A little about me:

I am a wife, mom, instructional support-media teacher, runner and food lover.  I have a 4 year old and 7 year old.  My husband is a middle school band director and I am a middle school band director turned media specialist.  That change took place in October 2015 and because of that I am back in school working towards my certification.  I love to run and have run multiple 5K's, 10K's and half marathons.  I am working towards to running a full marathon in September 2016.  I have yo-yo'd dieted and struggled with being over-weight.  I am at a pretty good weight now, but would like to work to be a little more fit, especially with running a marathon!  I have done a few Whole 30 rounds, but after a procedure in February and just a rough winter in general, I have to admit that I'm addicted to sugar again.  Boo :(  So, I am starting a Whole30 (maybe a whole60!) on April 13th.  I am ready!


I have fears about this round because sugar has it's hold on me.  I'm nervous about being successful, which is the reason for this log.  I know that you will hold me accountable!!



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Good Morning! Happy Day 1 to me :)

I am feeling GREAT!  I am so looking forward to this journey and the benefits.  Someone remind me of this post when I am in "kill all things" mode :rolleyes:


So far today:

Meal 1- medium banana, 1 tbs sunbutter, 2 eggs, a cup of black coffee and TONS of water.  


I know I need to work on adding veggies to meal 1  :(

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I am REALLY bad at this whole logging thing!!!


I am day 8 right now.  I am dragging today.  A slight headache, HUNGRY, tired and a little annoyed with most things.  Yesterday I almost lost it because I couldn't handle the sound of my husband chewing  :lol:


So...let's hope I am turning a corner soon!


Breakfast today: brussel sprout/apple sausage hash with 2 over easy eggs.  Diced apple with sunbutter and chia seeds. 


Snack: Celery with sunbutter (I know...I need to not snack, but like I said...HUNGRY)


Lunch: Macadamia Nuts, steamed broccoli and apple sausage and a few cherry tomatoes. 

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