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Day 2 of whole30 - feeling of fogginess


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Unfortunately it doesn't sound like it...


Eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold without dropping and I'm sure you can hold more than 2.

There are no vegetables in your breakfast, where the template (linked in my signature below) asks for 1-3 cups (fruit not included).

There is no fat in your breakfast, where the template asks for added fat in various quantities depending on what type of fat you choose.


Salads when they're your veg have to be bucket sized to be of any substance... often we suggest you add cooked or heartier vegetables in 1-3 cups quantity to a salad to make it mean something... 

Your lunch doesn't list any fat altho i assume there was some sort of dressing?


If this is all you've been eating for two days it's no real wonder why you feel the way you do... eat more... seriously... this is not a restriction diet... we want you to eat... appropriate foods in hearty quantities...

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