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Started today - April 12


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Hi all,


Just wanted to introduce myself and make myself accountable. My name is Kari and I'm 45 and single. I'm very excited for this change. In the last year, I've been emotionally and physically miserable and I'm just tired of it. Work is stressful enough without piling on all the personal baggage. I have a few friends who have made this change in their lives and they've been very good program ambassadors.


So far so good today, but it is only day 1 and I know the rough times are coming. I've warned everyone around me who I am in daily contact with that I will likely be very grumpy for a few weeks, but they've all been so supportive of the change and have promised to not take it personally.


Looking forward to getting to know some folks here and widening my support network to those people who are also undertaking this endeavor.




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