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Hi guys!! I would like to introduce myself and tell my story as quickly as possible.


On day 16 of what I thought was my Whole 30, I realized that while my diet was much cleaner, I had been consuming sneaky added sugars and dairy in some of the foods getting me through the day (I'm talking about sliced turkey containing added sugar and scrambled eggs containing milk from my local work cafe next door). It got me thinking about what else I may have eaten thinking it was Whole 30 but actually wasn't. 


I want to do this right. So...tomorrow, knowing that I need to be extra alert about the ingredients in what I am buying, I am starting over with Day 1. Despite my setback, I still feel optimistic and happy that I know I can do two weeks without sugary treats and that I am out of my bread and grains reliance.


I already feel better, but I want to feel my best, so tomorrow is day 1.


I have also been living with a Hashimoto's diagnosis for about two years, so if anyone else is battling thyroid concerns, let's connect. The gluten-free aspect is amazing for thyroid patients. My two weeks of mostly-Whole 30 has helped me to feel a lot better already, but I look forward to reaping the real benefits and eating completely clean.


Let's connect! Happy Whole 30 everyone! Good luck to all of you.



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Hi Jessica,

I also have Hashimoto's diagnosed with nodules. I have been gluten free for over two years and taking Amour thyroid. I am on day 16 of the Whole 30. Not really feeling the "magic" yet but I have had glimpses of it which keeps me motivated and excited to see what happens. I wished I would have eliminated nightshade veggies in the beginning (as recommended for those with autoimmune diseases) but will finish this round as is and evaluate if I feel I need to do another, eliminating those tricky onions and peppers, etc. then. I am not sure if I would be able to eliminate eggs (also recommended for us) but I suppose if I don't feel as good as I want to feel, I am able to anything I set my mind to!

Good job on identifying the hidden sugars and dairy. I know that must have been a real bummer but I applaud you on your resolve! Keep up the good work!

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