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Day 4 food logs days 1-4


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This is my first time doing Whole30.  A friend recommended it to me, and I really am in need of a holistic approach to making changes.  I've never done a food plan/ lifestyle changes for a regimented 30 days before.  I think at most, maybe 2 weeks.


I started on a Saturday, on a weekend, on purpose because I knew I'd have more time to focus and plan and not get overly stressed about the new changes.  The hardest day so far has been day 3 because it's the first day I went back to work and the added stress of work activities, the commute, etc, made it harder.  Today, I worked from home which helps a ton!

I'm pescatarian so the meat recipes don't work for me.  


Food log:

Day 1:

breakfast:  2 eggs and 2 egg whites with mushrooms and onions, 5 strawberries and coffee with splash of compliant coconut milk

lunch:  salad with canned tuna and homemade avocado lemon parsley dressing

dinner:  zucchini sweet potato fritters with tahini parsley sauce and a few strawberries


Day 2:

breakfast: spinach and broccoli with carmelized onions frittata(with combo eggs/egg whites), 5 strawberries and coffee with a splash of compliant coconut milk

lunch: (during a bike ride stop)--2 salmon cakes (yum!), fresh pear, handful of almonds

snack:  a couple of marinated artichoke hearts, couple of dill whole 30 compliant pickels

dinner:  ahi tuna steak over a bed of mixed greens with citrus dressing


Day 3:

breakfast:  spinach and broccoli frittata, 5 strawberries and coffee with a splash of compliant coconut milk

lunch:  mixed greens salad with salmon cakes and tahini parsley sauce

mid-afternoon snack:  celery with almond butter

dinner:  squash and eggplant coconut curry over cauliflower rice (used low fat coconut milk so it wasn't very good), antipasti (roasted red peppers, capers and marinated artichokes), 2 date almond rolls, 1 glass of kombucha


Day 4:

breakfast:  spinach and broccoli frittata, 5 strawberries and coffee with a splash of almond milk (didn't like to the coconut milk)

lunch:  romaine salad with bell peppers and tuna made with avocado lemon parsley, compliant pickles and dijon mustard

snack:  couple of kale chips, banana (energy before yoga), a small serving (like 1/2 cup) of homemade potato salad, 2 plain dates

dinner:  thai cold salad, scallops over mashed squash with homemade pesto, 2 date almond rolls, 1 glass of kombucha


Day 5 plan:

breakfast:  spinach and broccoli frittata (last piece), 5 strawberries, coffee with a splash of almond milk (like it better!)

lunch:  mixed greens salad with 2 salmon cakes and citrus dressing

dinner:  pan seared ahi over mixed greens with either pesto or citrus dressing, 1 glass of kombucha


just made a smoked salmon shredded zucchini and sweet potato egg bake (with 8 eggs) for the next several mornings!


I've started an excel spreadsheet to track my recipe plan (have a few days planned in advance) and bookmarked several recipes I want to try over the month, which helps me to stay organized.


So far I really like the salmon cakes a lot!  and the cold thai salad was good today, also.

I was nervous I wouldn't be able to find smoked salmon without sugar, but found one package left on the shelf at Safeway (Waterfront Bistro brand).  We don't have TJ's or Whole Foods where I live.







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