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Primal Kitchen's Greek Vinaigrette - compliant?


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Hi everyone,


I am new to the Whole30 journey. I am on day 3 and I am still learning and discovering what is OK/not OK to have. Does anyone know if Primal Kitchen's Greek Vinaigrette allowed? I keep reading the ingredients and I think it is OK to have, but I am not 100% sure. 


Thanks!!   :)

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So tell us what the ingredients are and we can tell you if any of them are a problem. 

Great minds think alike!  I like for people to be empowered so I think she should tell us what she thinks is the concerning ingredient :)

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Sorry. Like I have stated in previous posts, I am really nervous about messing up and I guess I am doubting myself when it comes to reading the ingredients.


avocado oil

organic red wine vinegar

organic apple cider vinegar

sea salt

organic black pepper

organic oregano

organic coriander

organic majoram

organic lemon juice concentrate

organic oil of oregano

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