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anyone with sinus issues?

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I'm on day 10 today, and am feeling pretty miserable. Sunday I felt weak & dizzy & out of it all day - sinus fog & exhaustion. Monday was better, but Tuesday and today my throat is raw and sinuses feeling totally dry & burning a bit. Not so much pressure any more, but a little. My legs feel weak, and I feel totally wiped out. I've had chronic sinus issues for years now, and I'm wondering if 1. I just have a cold or if 2. it could be a big flare up of my sinus problems combined with where I'm at in the timeline (I'm also within pms timeframe, too, when I notice my sinuses often flare up.)

Meals yesterday:

1: sweet potato hash & roasted beets with 2 hard boiled eggs, plus a small bowl of blueberries, banana & strawberries with coconut flakes

2: 2 salmon cakes with some garlic aioli on top, sides of cabbage slaw and cauliflower rice with walnuts, apricots & currants

3: beef stew and a salad with coconut and balsamic vinaigrette


1: leftover beef stew, a mini frittata with chicken, bowl of blueberries, half a kiwi, half a banana & coconut on top

2: big bowl of soup (chicken bone broth with veggies), 2 fried eggs, cauliflower rice w/veggies

3: pulled pork with drippings and avocados, cabbage & carrots, roasted sweet potato with clarified butter

Those are pretty typical meals. I do sometimes have snacks (apple, coconut, nuts). I am only 5' and have been hovering around 100lbs, so I've been trying to eat more if I'm feeling hungry rather than sticking it out to the next meal.


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Just a try to bump this up and see if anyone has any thoughts. Still feeling crappy and trying to understand if it's a virus or related to Whole30:

Has anyone who has dealt with chronic sinus issues experienced a flare up during your whole30?

I've also been wondering if it's an allergy flare up, too (itchy eyes, burning throat, etc.).

Feeling physically wiped out/fatigued.

I'm at day 13 and starting to feel discouraged. I know that it's not uncommon during an elimination diet/detox to have flare ups of previous issues, but it is affecting my days more and more (my ability to keep up with my kids and all the things that need doing) and I'm finding it harder to trust that it's going to turn around.

I am trying to eat a lot at each meal, but it could be I still need to up it, and I am trying to get enough fat, but still feel like I might be falling behind on that and not sure how to get more.

Thanks for any ideas, encouragement, etc. that might be out there!

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I don't know where you are, but around here, allergy season is in full swing and seems to be worse than usual. If seasonal allergies tend to make your sinus issues worse, it may be as simple as that. If you have medicine you usually take for it and need to take it now, do -- we definitely don't want you to be miserable.


As far as your food, what you're eating looks okay, but if you're needing to snack between meals often, definitely work on making your meals bigger. For instance, when eggs are your only protein source, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, which for most people is 3-4.


Do add fat in addition to what you cook in -- you are in some of your meals, but for example, with your meal that was a bowl of soup, eggs, and cauliflower rice, you could add olives or avocado.

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