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New to Whole 30 Start 4/13/16


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I started Whole 30 today hoping to get my eating under control for once and for all. I typically eat healthy, but cannot seem to go a single day without some kind of junk food, be it potato chips or a small piece of Artisan bread. Also, I do fall into a binge pattern and am starting the plan coming off a nasty single day binge. Makes day one a little easier having a bad stomach ache! :(


I am super excited to be doing this. I have some health issues, nothing serious but potentially serious if I don't reign this out. I am hoping to get out of this plan the following:


1. improved blood sugar (currently have an A1c of 6 and fasting glucose of 99)

2. less joint pain (have a lot of osteoarthritis)

3. reduce and hopefully eliminate the swelling in my lower legs.


Also, would love to lose weight. I have 40 pounds to lose, but would be happy with 30.


I am committing to 1 30 day term, but if all goes well - and I suspect it will, I plan to do back to back terms.



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