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What I have learned


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I completed my first Whole30 the other day! I was already a pretty healthy eater, but still noticed some amazing changes and learned a lot. Since my brain takes a little longer to develop good and long lasting habits, I am immediately jumping into a second Whole30 to really solidify some of what I have learned. Before I jump in though, I want to take the time to outline for myself my NSVs and lessons learned. I know in some ways the second time around will be more difficult, so I want to remind myself (and others) why choosing to make some of these healthy changes permanent may be worth it.


Non-scale victories:


1. Overall feel less "puffy"

2. Almost all of my chronic bloating went away, and when I did experience some, it cleared up more quickly then in the past

3. I did not weigh myself for 30 days and did not worry about it! This is probably the biggest victory for me. I used to be married to the scale. I even took things one step further and threw my scale away! If I really need to know my weight in the future, I can step on the scale at the gym.

4. I stopped tracking my food, and just ate like a normal person. This is another huge emotional/mental win for me. It has been so freeing to not have to rely on writing everything down that I eat, but rather not care about the calories because I know everything I am eating in providing me with important nutrients. I also was pleasantly surprised to find that my body can process more food without gaining weight when it is the right kind of food. A true win-win here.

5. I learned how to make homemade mayo, love it, and have vowed never to go back to store bought

6. I felt more comfortable in social settings, and less anxious about "missing out" on junk food


Lessons learned:


1. I did not miss cheese, like I thought I would

2. I mostly craved/missed ice cream, which may be a good indicator of whats "worth it"

3. Nuts and nut butters are great in emergency situations, but I can go overboard with them

4. Its worth buying good quality coffee so I can enjoy it black


Goals for Whole30 round 2:


1. Get my husband to make some small changes with me. I do not expect him to do everything, as he seems to have a stomach/GI system that isn't bothered by anything, but I still think some of these changes are just good, healthy habits we should try together.

2. Be better prepared for my afternoon hunger. I usually eat lunch at noon and dinner between 7:30-8, so while I try to stick to no snacking, it is nearly impossible with that long of a time between two meals.

3. Start thinking about reintroduction early. I know the 30 days will fly by and I want to be prepared. I am already a little nervous about reintroduction because I feel so much better on Whole30, but know it isn't realistic for the long term. I am really interested in preparing myself for finding the right balance.



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 If I really need to know my weight in the future, I can step on the scale at the gym.

I LOVE that you dumped your scale! ^This, not so much........

Be wary - I know that the scales in MY gym weigh about 3 kilos (so around 6.5lbs) lighter - which is great, until someone steps on a scale that weighs true and all hell breaks loose - and yet in the interim nothing about that person has changed, nothing at all...

You've broken UP with your scale - you are NOT on a break  ;) 


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