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Laura jay's reintro journey


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Reintroduction of foods

My Day 1 A little nervous but plan to go back to whole 30 once I reintroduce…

Evaluate peanut butter or black beans

Pay attention to how you feel to see if and how you incorporate them back to your diet.

Then go back to whole 30 for 2 days


Started reintro with pb.  Hmmmm I don’t miss peanut butter, I think I actually like almond butter more. So far mid-morning and no issues that I can tell. Ok maybe spoke too soon, a little indigestion? Maybe it will take a second reintro after next whole 30 to tell for sure.   Spin class tonight since hubby has a late meeting. Burned 500 in spin!

Breakfast: leftover ribeye, 1/2 a banana with peanut butter (that is it- had an internet outage and needed to get 

                   somewhere I could get connectivity so I could work!

Snack (from my computer bag a pack of southwest peanuts

Lunch late due to being out because of lack of connectivity.. skinny pork chop, sweet potato, apple onion hash

Snack cherry larabar

Dinner late  leftover skinny chop raw veggies and ½ an avocado


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Reintro Day 2 

Woke up sinusy. Spring in the south (Atlanta) but more drainage than I should have since I have only been outside to and from my car. Also mid-morning some gi  issues. Sleep is  not improving, I think a trip to dr in order plus time for yearly physical.  Interested to see cholesterol.

Breakfast scrambled eggs, leftover sweet potato apple hash, ½ avocado

Lunch leftover skinny chop, Brussel sprouts, natural apple sauce

Dinner  burger, raw veggies and green beans leftover home fries and 1/3 avocado

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Reintro Days 2-5


Reintro Day 3

Finally figured out that the headache is a sinus headache from all of the pollen!.  Took Claritin d and 2 advil for headache, hopefully will feel better tomorrow

Breakfast 2 eggs and a banana

Lunch not hungry (I know I know I should eat anyway but Claritin d messes my appetite up)  apple and almond butter

Dinner salmon, roasted veggies and baked home made fries


Reintro day 4  Evaluate dairy while keeping the rest of your diet whole 30 compliant have plain yogurt in the morning or add cream to your coffee, have cheese on your salad use butter or sour cream on your potato

Very interesting….the yogurt made my stomach gurgel just a little.  The cheese gave me instant gas and a tummy ache, the gelato tasted way too sweet, and also made me sinusy/ phlegmy. Its interesting how your loves turn into likes when they mistreat you J (cheese).

530 calories TORCHED in spin class

Then go back to whole 30 for 2 days

Breakfast pre spin class   oikos triple 0 berry yogurt

Lunch burger and watermelon (at a lunch at the gym, ths was the only compliant food)

Snack  after lunch  tried sevetla types of cheddar

Dinner  mahi and Brussel sprouts  gelato for desserrt



Reintro Day 5

Hiking up and down Kennesaw 90 minutes and 375 calories. Stomach still hurts just a little so obviously learned a great deal yesterday.  Maybe after my next whole 30 will reintroduce a single source of calcium (not cheddar) maybe just yogurt, or just goat cheese to see if all have the same effect or if cheddar is the worst offender (which I think it is since it happened almost immediately ), oh how I used to love my cheese…

Pre  hike snack banana with almond butter

Breakfast omlete with peppers and tomatoes and potatoes

Lunch slept!  (I think all of the insomnia caught up with me

Snack  raisons and cashews

Dinner chilli and avocado slices

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Reintro Days 6 and 7


Reintro Day 6 I slept for a few hours yesterday afternoon, I NEVER nap, but obviously I needed it.  I also slept great last night.  Tonight after work spin class with Marcia.

Breakfast devilled eggs and avocado and an orange

Lunch greens mixed salad with olive oil vinegar and grilled chicken

Snack apple and almond butter

Dinner scrambled egg and vegetables


Reintro Day 7

Slept great finally!  Day off workout wise.  Evaluate Wine

Then go back to whole 30 for 2 days

Breakfast  2 hardboiled eggs and 1/3 avocado

Lunch chicken tenders and Brussel sprouts

Dinner ribeye steak, with mushrooms and fried cabbage

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Reintro Day 8 and 9

Reintro Day 8

Weighed myself today, 129.4.  Slept great (not sure if it was because of the wine?) Slept long and hard and was still tired when I woke up.  Had a mild stomachache (the wine?) I was glad to see I didn’t miss the wine as much as I thought I would. I am ok with not having again for a while.  Sonny’s spin class tonight/. This going to be really tough as I am tired and it’s going to be in the 80’s here in Atlanta

Breakfast devilled eggs and leftover cabbage (cause it’s all I have cooked)

Lunch Chicken tenders and couple slices of watermelon (not feeling great thanks to Claritin d)

Snack baked apple with some walnuts and coconut oil

Dinner chicken tenders, Brussel sprouts apple sauce


Reintro Day 9 slept well, but woke up tired (I always seem to be tired), strength training today.

Breakfast scrambled eggs with red bell pepper, avocado and sweet potato home fries

Lunch chicken tenders home fries green beans

Dinner cod asparagus carrots

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Reintro Days 10 and 11

Reintro Day 10  evaluate non gluten grains keeping the rest of your diet whole 30 compliant.

Eat a bowl of oatmeal, white rice, corn tortilla chips and a sandwich with gluten free bread

Breakfast gluten free oatmeal with ½ banana and walnuts

Lunch shrimp with risotto, tortilla chips and salsa

Dinner risotto, carrots green beans chicken tenders


Reintro Day 11

Breakfast ½ banana

Lunch brisket, ½ baked potato, green beans

Dinner brisket, turkey,


weight is now but to 131!!!! maybe too many fats??? need to start really watching.

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Reintro Day 8

Weighed myself today, 129.4.  



Reintro Days 10 and 11

weight is now but to 131!!!! maybe too many fats??? need to start really watching.

Sorry, but nobody is going to weigh the same every day - consider things like salt intake, water retention, alcohol consumption, time of the month etc.

This is one of the main reasons we encourage people to break up with the scale - permanently.

Right now, instead of focusing on your reintroductions you're probably trying to figure out what you should cut back on to lose that .6 of a kilo ;) 

Don't do it!!  :ph34r:

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Reintro day 12 and 13

Reintro Day  12

L smoke alarm going off at 12:45 am, then 1:25 then 2:15.  Took hubby taking down 3 to get them to stop, needless to say, I am exhausted today.  I am still going to spin tonight, I will take it easier.  Still burned 440 calories and actually felt better than I did all day

Breakfast  deviled eggs, raw red pepper, ½ avocado bacon, grapes

Lunch tuna salad (whole 30 mayo, celery, green olives)

Dinner left over tuna salad


Reintro  Day 13

Breakfast  dentist this morning so did not eat

Lunch salmon and cauliflower for lunch plus a handful of olives

snack hungry!  obviously did not eat enough today had an apple and almond butter

Dinner roast beef and Brussel sprouts ½ potato

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