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I started the W30 on April 4, 2016, after two weeks of reading and planning. Love the concept! Love that it deals with the underlying emotional causes of poor eating habits. I am a hospice and bereavement counsellor, and often found myself grabbing the baking that is always around to relieve some of the inevitable stress that comes with the territory. I discovered ISWF while on vacation and took that time to really delve into it before starting upon my return home.


I am now on day 11. I can't say I'm struggling with the food. In fact, this program has already taught me a lot about cooking and I find so much reward in creating healthy dishes and nurturing myself with them. That has become my new relationship with food. So liberating!!!


I read that 10 and 11 are the days most people quit. I know that won't be the case for me, but I do feel somewhat defeated and tired today, for some reason. I am also a little disappointed in not feeling positive effects yet. I admit I do have more steady energy, but am having a lot of trouble falling and staying asleep. Also, constipation is a big issue, despite taking magnesium and flax seeds. Hopefully that will all line up though.


A few friends know I have changed my lifestyle and eating habits, and are supportive. However, I'm not sharing it with many people. So far, nobody has mentioned I'm looking better. Although, the tan from my vacation caused me to look healthier in the beginning anyway. I find I am internally motivated this time tackling healthy changes, so that is all just extra stuff anyway.


Perhaps I just need a little encouragement that sticking it out will pay off in a few weeks. I was in pretty bad shape, so it will take time to reverse my prior bad habits, I know.

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It will take, but it's worth it.  I think starting is the absolute hardest part for me, but sticking with things consistently is no easy task indeed.  I looked at my face in the rear view mirror of the car today hoping to see dramatic differences -  :) - still have wrinkles!  And I expect they'll get more noticeable as I lose some of the puffy weight. Dang.


My family and I did our first Whole30 a couple years ago and there were some really good changes that we noticed in the last couple weeks, but the biggest changes happened a few months after as we continued to eat well.  I keep telling myself that I have years and years of junky eating and it's going to take a lot to undo some of the damage.  I'm stunned by how fast my kids seem to improve when we eat clean.  It will pay off!!!


I also once read, in regards to exercising and weight loss, that it takes four weeks to notice a difference, eight weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the world to notice.  When I did lose a chunk of weight at one point, it seemed to happen just like that quote.

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I also once read, in regards to exercising and weight loss, that it takes four weeks to notice a difference, eight weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the world to notice.  When I did lose a chunk of weight at one point, it seemed to happen just like that quote.


I like that! I already "feel" different (day 10) but I don't think I look any different, just seems like I've dropped weight. I can easily see it taking 4 weeks before I can really tell it's different. I'll be expecting lots of compliments from my friends in 7 weeks. :)


Keep it up Kaelisan! If you don't feel like quitting on the "most likely to quit day", then you've got it made!

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Day 13! I didn't think I would survive day 12, but I am rocking day 13!

Day 12 was very hard. I made it through 10 and 11, the days on which most people quit, or so I read. But 12 was the hardest, so far. Perhaps because it was Friday and I was tired. My fridge was also pretty empty. I almost didn't eat meal 3. I forced myself to make egg salad and threw together a green salad. I was desperate to comply with the rules. It wasn't so bad.

My task last night was to cook 4 packs of Costco breakfast sausages for a work breakfast this morning. That was almost 2 hours of frying sausages. Thankfully, they are not bacon, and not my favorite food. But, any other time I would have stolen a few. I wasn't even tempted, and I was actually revolted.

I woke up this morning with a whole new outlook. Feeling much better emotionally and completely over days 10, 11, and 12! I went to the work breakfast after eating a W30-compliant meal1. Warmed up my sausages and helped my coworkers make pancakes and serve up the grub. I had no interest in eating, despite people trying to pressure me to do so. I ended up telling one coworker that I'm doing an elimination diet consisting of whole foods, and she mentioned how great my skin looks and how bright my eyes are. Hmmmm.....

After the breakfast, I went to Trader Joe's and a community food co-op and have stocked up on awesome food. I am learning so much about real food, that my grocery list is becoming more and more interesting. Beef tallow and lard from grass-fed animals and kombucha were today's favorites. Oh and bone broth. I just took an organic roasted chicken out of the oven, and will make my own bone broth this week.

I absolutely love this way of eating. My grocery bill is higher, but it's worth my good health. I really am feeling stronger physically and emotionally every day.

I bought some oranges and had one at meal 2. OMG! It was almost too sweet for me now.

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Just finishing day 21! It's a lot easier than last weekend and I'm noticing more NSVs! Yeah!!

My clothes are finally feeling looser. I'm sleeping better. I'm calmer. And my skin is a much more hydrated. If my largest organ is showing improvement, I'm believing my other organs are, too.

My digestive system is still so slow. Taking magnesium and drinking kombucha daily. This has been a life-long issue though. My GERD is much improved and my body aches less.

I'm starting to think about what I'm going to do on day 31. I love this way of eating and I have a long way to go to be healthy. So, I guess it's a no-brainier that I will continue. There's nothing I'm dying to have and no big events I'm expecting.

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Day 31!

My NSVs:

Clothes are looser in good places

My body feels like it's transforming before my eyes

Skin is glowing

Clearer head

Steady energy

Better sleep

Better attitude/calmer

Healthier relationship with food. Enjoying cooking now!

Exercise is less challenging

No guilt after eating making everything more enjoyable

Scale victories:

Lost inches, especially around waist.

Lost 7.5 pounds

I'm seeing these as consequential, rather than the true measurement of my improvement. It was anticlimactic weighing myself, as I really don't care anymore what I weigh. It's how I feel.

This morning I don't feel well. Perhaps the dramatic change in the weather, or the effect of an extremely emotional day at work yesterday. I had already decided to do a Whole60, so this decision is only solidified with how I feel today.

It is a strange feeling though. I woke up with the idea that I was now free to eat whatever I wanted. It was a bit scary. It made me realize I have a long way to go mentally and physically. That's ok!

I am continuing with these goals...

Drinking more water

Being more mindful of the foods that don't agree with me (onions, peppers)

Improving attitude

Becoming even calmer and more optimistic

Eliminating heart palpitations and reducing bp

Losing more body fat

Exercising more

Playing more

Like This

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Congratulations!  And your list of observations about how you feel is really pretty impressive.  What a difference one piddly month can make!   It is interesting though how much we gravitate towards the old foods that we know don't serve us well.  It's my battle for sure.  Hope your day goes well.

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Well, I completed my first Whole30 four weeks ago today. I guess I've been doing the slow reintro, which has mostly been compliant with testing some foods I couldn't live without before. I sure don't enjoy them like I used to! Yeah!

I find I am back to being focused on my weight and feeling not as good overall these days. So, I've decided to start my second round tomorrow, June 1.

I learned a lot during my first round, so I hope to add some wisdom this time.

Here goes!

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