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First Whole30 - Starting April 15th


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Ready to lose some weight in time for a beach trip, and figure out the foods that tend to mess with my guts - feels like I'm bloated a lot!


Just need to clean out my pantry & refrigerator, get some groceries, and get started - tomorrow!

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Started today (well, yesterday for the most part).  But today is officially Day 1


What I've had so far:

Black Coffee

Breakfast Hash:  Ground Turkey, Sweet Potato, Yellow Onion, Garlic, Spinach, Chili power, Cumin & Salt (Sauteed for 15 mins), plus 2 poached eggs

Ate 1/2 before & 1/2 after workout

Exercise:  Jazzercise Strength 60 class (60 minute strength training class) w/ 6 lb. weights

1 baby carrot



What I'm planning to eat the rest of the day:

Lunch:  More Breakfast Hash

Snacks as needed:  Apple & Baby Carrots

Dinner:  Chicken Breast over 'clean out the fridge' salad (romaine, bell pepper, carrots, mushrooms - and whatever other vegetables I find in there), maybe some pecans on top


I'm excited for this Whole30 journey!

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Thanks for the encouragement beckerj88 & newme2016!  The weekend was great!  (Well, my dedication to stick to the Whole30 was great, I did have some headaches and such, but I'm just keeping my eyes on the end result!)


Over the weekend I did my 'official' meal plan & prep - following the 7 day meal plan from the Whole30 recipe book.

Today's (Day 4) eats are:

Breakast (split into two parts, 1/2 before workout, 1/2 after):  Spinach Fritatta - recipe from book, 1/2 an avocado, strawberries, black coffee

Meal 2:  Leftover Beef brisket, sweet potatoes, carrots & cabbage & an apple

Meal 3:  Ground Beef in Tomato Sauce - recipe from book over spaghetti squash


Working backwards...

Sunday's (Day3) eats were:

Meal 1:  Hard boiled eggs, tomato, orange, almonds, black coffee

Meal 2:  Hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocado, unsweetened coconut water

Exercise:  Leisurely walk ~ 45 minutes

Meal 3:  Slow Cooker corned beef brisket, sweet potatoes, carrots & cabbage


Saturday (Day2):

Breakfast:  Chicken breast, apple, almonds, black coffee

Exercise:  All day hiking and rock climbing (so I had a few smaller meals spread out through the day)

Meal 2:  hard boiled eggs, orange

Meal 2.5:  almonds, carrots, strawberries

Meal 3:  chicken breast, orange, carrots, almonds

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Forgot to add in how I felt each day... for the record :)


Saturday:  woke up feeling fine, my usual, a little bloating, but still excited for the challenge.  I ate Meal 1 while preparing for the day.  Since it was hiking & rock climbing day, I was a little nervous, and packed lots of on-plan foods.  I felt a little 'off balance' for most of the day.  A typical feeling for me when I'm dehydrated and/or need food - so I ate Meal 2.  By around 1pm (after eating meal 2.5, plus a good amount of water ~ 2liters), I started getting a headache, which didn't go away for the rest of the day.  My knees were sore, too, but I assume that was from the hiking / climbing.


Sunday:  woke up feeling fine again, no better, no worse.  No headache.  I was THIRSTY ALL DAY!  Had water with me at all times, had a coconut water as I checked out of the grocery store.  i was sore, but again, I assume due to hiking / climbing and less to do with my food changes.  Went for a walk to enjoy the nice day outside and stretch my leg muscles a little.  My mom walked with me and we talked about the Whole30, she's intrigued, but doesn't think she could do it :)


Monday morning:  had trouble falling asleep - could be because my husband didn't get home until late, or could be due to food / body changes.  Didn't want to get up, but felt normal when I did.  Maybe a little bloating, still.  Did my usual morning workout (Jazzercise), though I took it pretty easy because of sore shoulders / arm muscles from climbing and a sore spot on my lower back that started last week.

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Day 5!

Still feeling great about the program!  I've had a lot of support from my friends / family / coworkers, and a lot of them want to hear more about the program, which is fun to talk about!  My husband may be having the hardest time, he forgets that I'm doing the program and offers me a beer, or suggests we go out to dinner.  I know he wants to be supportive, but our old habits are so ingrained! 

Yesterday I went to the chiro and had a deep tissue massage for some issues I've been having with my back and right hip.  I'm hoping that the Whole 30 will help relieve some of those issues as well.  I'm still keeping up with my active lifestyle.  Went for a bike ride with my family after work yesterday, and did a lower intensity version of my regular morning workout (Jazzercise), since I'm still feeling pretty sore / stiff.


Day 5 eats:

Meal 1:  (split into two parts, 1/2 before workout, 1/2 after):  Spinach Fritatta - recipe from book, 1/2 an avocado, mandarins, waited to have black coffee until after workout...trying to wean myself off

Meal 2:  Protein Salad (chicken, grapes, celery, almonds) over spinach with Whole30 Ranch Dressing, apple

Meal 2.5 if needed:  2 hard boiled eggs

Meal 3:  Either leftover Spaghetti squash with Tomato Sauce & Ground beef, or Roasted Chicken, Poatoes with Roasted Red Pepper Mayo and Green Cabbage Slaw (depends on if the hubs is home for dinner)

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I didn't feel hungry for lunch until almost 1pm!  Eating a similar breakfast to what I've eaten since long before Whole30 (frittata w/ veggies, avocado & fruit).  I usually am hungry by 11am.... hoping this is a long-term effect of Whole30!

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Day 6

I feel like I've turned a corner already!  By mid day yesterday I had a surge of energy, I didn't need my mid afternoon snack, and I was able to get a lot of things done in the evening (when I usually just feel like sitting on the couch).  When I woke up the morning (after only 1 snooze button instead of the usual 4+), I felt great!  My (face) skin even feels smoother.  If this is just the start, I can't wait for all the results!


Yesterday's dinner was DELICIOUS!  I'll definitely be making it again - recipes from the Whole30 book:

Perfect Roasted Chicken, Perfect Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Red Pepper May and Green Cabbage Slaw


Today's eats include:

Meal 1:  Arugula, Blackberries, Chicken and egg with roasted red pepper mayo and roasted potatoes

Meal 2:  Protein Salad (chicken, grapes, celery, almonds) over spinach with Whole30 Ranch Dressing, apple
Meal 3:  leftover Spaghetti squash with Tomato Sauce & Ground beef


Emergency food:  hard boiled eggs if needed

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Day 7

Today has been interesting.  I didn't quite leap out of bed (hit the snooze the max # of times), but once I got up, I felt like I had a lot of energy!  I ate a small snack before workout, and had one of the most intense workouts I've had in awhile!  After another small snack & shower, I ate my breakfast (9am ish), and then wasn't hungry for lunch until almost 3pm.  After I ate lunch, though, I started to feel tired. 

Not sure what this all means.  I feel like I recall reading in the Whole30 timeline that there were a couple days where I wouldn't feel much of an appetite, but I couldn't quickly find that in the book... Anywho, still feeling GREAT despite the small afternoon slump. 

Also, I feel much happier - like I wanted to yell 'Good Morning' to the crossing guard I drive by on my way to work.  :)


Eats & Exercise:

Pre-workout snack:  about 5 cashews and 1/2 mandarin (shared with my son)

Workout:  Super intense Jazzercise (maybe that sounds like an oxymoron, but I <3 Jazzercise)

Post-workout snack:  about 10 mixed raw nuts (walnuts, cashews & macadamia mix

Meal 1:  Leftover Roasted Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Red Pepper Mayo and Cabbage Slaw (which only got better!)

Meal 2:  Leftover Corned beef brisket, sweet potatoes, carrots & onions

Meal 3:  Will probably be leftover spaghetti squash with tomato sauce & ground beef


Tonight I need to do a little meal prep & planning... I have a banquet tomorrow night that I'll be taking my own food to, and I have several meals in the fridge that I still need to cook / prioritize. 

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Day 8

Feeling good today!  Oh, I had some CRAZY dreams last night - all. night. long.  I think it's right on track with the Whole30 timeline, which amazes me!  most of the dreams were about food, not eating necessarily.  I think it was mostly about entertaining, and making sure there was enough food for everyone.

Anyway, I spend a good deal of yesterday evening cooking (and cleaning up the mess it made).   I made the Pork Cartinas from the Whole30 recipe book, and WOW!  I'll be making that one over and over again!  I also made the Salmon Cakes, and Cold Thai Salad with Sunshine sauce, for my meals today, which is amazing too!


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  Leftover Pork Carnitas with an over easy egg and plantains pan-fried in coconut oil

Exercise:  60 min Strength Training class at Jazzercise

Meal 2:  Salmon Cakes with Cold Thai Salad & Sunshine Sauce

Meal 3: I'm bringing along Salmon Cakes w/ Cold Thai Salad & Sunshine Sauce to a church banquet that I have tonight where they're serving Chicken Cordon Bleu, probably veggies in butter and bread.

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Day 11

Still feeling good.  I'm now in a size smaller clothes, though I feel like the weight loss aspect has stalled over the weekend.  Of course I was a little more lax on my strict 3 meals only, with activities thrown into the mix, and a few family dinners.  Everything I ate was Whole30 compliant, just probably ate more than my body actually needed for fuel.  Still having strange dreams.  This morning I woke up because I was dreaming that I was in an endurance test with the wind blowing and LARGE waves of water hitting me.  Strange.


Eats and Exercise for today:

Meal 1:  Perfect Scrambled Eggs (recipe from the Whole30 book - best scrambled eggs I've ever made!!), steamed spinach with ghee, and leftover homemade applesauce from last night's dinner, black coffee

Exercise:  High Intensity 60 minutes Jazzercise with 8 lb weights (moved up a size of weights)

Meal 2:  Mexican Tuna Salad - recipe from book, over romaine, tomatoes and celery salad with Whole30 Ranch dressing, and leftover cabbage slaw

Meal 3:  Chicken & Vegetable Hash recipe from book


Oh, also, I booked a massage for today when I first read the Whole30 timeline, since they said days 10-11 are the most likely time someone will quit, and suggested a reward.  Looking forward to that this afternoon!!


working backwards to Sunday - Day 10:

Meal 1:  Scrambled Eggs, Steamed Spinach, blackberries & mandarins, black coffee

Meal 2:  First venture eating out!!  Luckily I knew the locally owned restaurant would be accommodating, and had some closely compliant meals on the menu.  I had a steak salad that came with tomatoes, radishes, greens, and sunflower seeds.  I got some lemons to squeeze on top.  Just had to have them hold the goat cheese and honey-mustard dressing.  Had club soda with lime to drink.

Exercise:  Bike ride with the family for them to get ice cream.  I'd love to eat a bite, but was okay not having any.

Meal 3:  Pork chops with applesauce over arugula - recipe from book **deeeeee-licious!

Snack - that I probably didn't need:  a few almonds


Saturday - Day 9:

Meal 1:  Shoot- can't remember

Exercise:  Lots of walking at the zoo

Snack at the zoo:  cashews

Meal 2:  Leftover spaghetti squash w/ tomato sauce & ground beef - recipes from book

Snack 2:  rest of the cashews and a pecan Larabar

Exercise 2:  Walk pushing stroller through neighborhood ~45 minutes

Meal 3:  Steak, 1/2 baked potato w/ ghee, asparagus, salad (greens, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, egg, pecans, strawberries), iced tea

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Day 12

Still feeling really good!  I'm sleeping well, I have MUCH more energy than before, and my digestion seems much more 'regular'!

My most exciting NSV, is that my mom is jumping (well, baby-stepping) on board!  She realized after we went out to eat on Sunday that she felt terrible (she had Fish & Chips and a Bloody Mary), and she's committing to focus her meals on high-quality meats, vegetables and fruits!  Not going full Whole30, but the little steps help, too!  Also, for the month of May, jazzercise is offering free classes to new members, so she's thinking of re-joining!  (4 weeks until we all go to the beach, so better late than never!)


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  Leftover Chicken & Vegetable Hash w/ avocado & 2 over easy eggs cooked in coconut oil

Exercise:  Jazzercise in a sauna (the room was super hot & humid - yay for extra sweat! <--sarcasm)

Meal 2:  Either Greek Salad w/ hard boiled eggs & a banana on the side - recipe from book, or out to eat w/ family - plans are TBD, but salad is already made

Meal 3:  Oven Baked Salmon with Broccoli, Mushrooms, Tomatoes in Red Pepper Sauce - recipes from book


Sadly yesterday, the lady I was scheduled for a massage with had to call and re-schedule.... so I didn't get to do it yesterday (pretty disappointed, and not a very good first impression of the place - I have a gift certificate or I probably would have cancelled and gone somewhere else), but next week.  :(

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I forgot a couple of things I want to make sure to note.


Yesterday (Day 11) - I couldn't keep my hands out of my bag of emergency mixed nuts in the afternoon.  I probably had 3 small handfuls before work was over, but I was thinking about them all afternoon.


Today (Day 12) about halfway through my workout, I started craving Oranges!  Like, pregnancy-craving-style, for Oranges! 

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Day 13

Yesterday I still struggled with my want for afternoon snacking... though it's all complaint foods (mixed nuts mostly), I need to figure it out so I can stop.  Probably means I need to increase my lunch protein.  Today I should be covered :)

Still craving oranges during my morning workout today! 

Otherwise, still feeling good - though a little tired since my son has been waking up at 4am the past few days!

I can't believe it's only Wednesday.


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  Scrambled Eggs w/ 1 T coconut milk, cooked in coconut oil, steamed spinach, all topped with leftover salsa and guacamole

Exercise:  Jazzercise Interval class - arms focus.... it hurts to type right now

Meal 2:  Salmon Cakes & Cold Thai Salad w/ Sunshine Sauce

Meal 3:  Planning to go out to eat with the family, but that won't be until late, so I may have a small meal after work, and then a small meal out.... haven't fully decided yet... I'll report back tomorrow :)

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Day 14

Last night's dinner went well.... but my compliant meal ended up a little boring.  Definitely made me appreciate my home-cooked meals (even though they're much more labor intensive!).  I ordered a burger over lettuce, with tomatoes and steamed vegetables.  That was it.  Kind of boring, but good.

Today has gone quite well for my Whole30 eats.... but my son was sick, so I spent most of my day concentrating on him.


Eats & Exercise:

Pre-workout:  1/2 cherry larabar

Exercise:  Jazzercise

Post-workout:  1/2 cherry larabar

Meal 1:  Scrambled Eggs, Broccoli, Zucchini & Mushrooms (sauteed in coconut oil) with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Meal 2:  Almonds & tangerine

Meal 3:  Coconut Curry Chicken with Cauliflower Rice and Sauteed Kale with Almonds (I made extra, so I'll be eating this for the next few days!)

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I had a really hard time keeping myself off the scale this morning.  I've been feeling SO great about my body, the way my clothes fit, etc, that I just want to know how much I've lost (and felt like I 'deserved it' since it's the halfway point), but I also know the scale is part of the 'dieting mentality' that I'm trying to break myself of.... so I didn't weigh in.  It's amazing how those little things can really take over.  I'm hoping to break myself of that habit / desire (weighing every day) by the end of this.


Otherwise, still feeling really good.  I went to my Jazzercise Strength 60 class this morning, and we had a substitute instructor.  Towards the middle of class, the franchise manager came in to do some work, and after class, she chased me out the door and asked me to become an instructor!  I've been asked several times over the years, because I have great technique.... it's tempting....just not sure how it would fit into my already busy life (full time working mom of an almost 2 year old)!


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  Scrambled Eggs, Broccoli, Zucchini & Mushrooms (sauteed in coconut oil) with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce - couldn't eat it all, so I packed up the leftovers for a post-workout snack

Exercise:  Jazzercise Strength 60

Meal 1.5:  Leftover Meal 1

Meal 2:  Coconut Curry Chicken with Cauliflower Rice and Sauteed Kale with Almonds

Meal 3:  Not totally sure.... I had Banger Patties with Sweet Potato Mash on my meal plan - but I still need to find the compliant ground pork (Aldi didn't have it), or we have a ton of the Coconut Curry Chicken leftovers, or I have salmon thawed in the fridge.  Options, at least!


My husband told me last night that we could have the Pork Carnitas recipe from the Whole30 book every week!  He LOVED it, and gobbled up the leftovers (for once).... so I'll be adding that to the regular rotation.

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Days 16 & 17

I woke up this morning (after lots of crazy dreams), feeling GREAT!  And, I couldn't remember what day (of the WHole30) I was on.... I figure that's a good sign.... I'm not so obsessed about how long I've made it, or counting down the days until I'm done.  You know why?  Because I feel amazing!  I definitly feel like I'm over the hump of trying to incorporate this into my lifestyle (though I know there will be far more trials ahead), and I love the way I feel so much, that I really have no desire to go back to the way I was eating. 

Granted, I would have really loved a bite of my husband's fruit (and milk / whey protein) smoothie, but those things I can have later - assuming they aren't culprits from hurting my stomach.

I'm thinking I've hit the 'Tiger Blood' - Wooooo!


Day 16 (Saturday) Eats:

Meal 1:  Leftover Bangers & Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Meal 2:  Pork Carnitas w/ Green Cabbage Slaw & Guacamole

Meal 3:  Protein Salad - Made Asian Style w/ the leftover Coconut Curry Chicken added Almonds at the end - plus a little carnitas & guac, b/c it's SOOO good!


Day 17 (Sunday) Eats:

Meal 1:  Chicken Sausage, Onion & Kale Fritatta w/ Avocado and 1/2 banana

Meal 2:  Leftover Pork Carnitas w/ Green Cabbage Slaw, Guacamole & Strawberries

Meal 3:  (Family Dinner) - I'm making the Shepherd's Pie from the book w/ white potatoes - doubled it

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Day 18

Okay.  It's official... I've hit the TIGER BLOOD stage!  I FEEL AMAZING.... and I want everyone around me to feel like this!  Straight from the timeline... my energy is through the roof (no snoozing when my alarm goes off, and I can *almost* keep up with my toddler all.day.long!), my cravings are totally under control (I don't even WANT those crappy foods anymore. Mostly - I could go for some dairy), my workouts are energetic (it's amazing how much harder I can work out when I already feel amazing in the mornings), and my clothes fit better (in fact, I'm already in a size smaller, and they're fitting a little loose!).  W.O.W.


I had to reschedule my massage for today, so I have that to look forward to.  It's only 3 weeks until family Beach Week a the Outer Banks, North Carolina (my son's first trip!!!!), and my family and friends are now getting more intrigued by what I'm doing, since they can see the results!  Hooray!


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  Chicken Sausage, Onion & Kale Frittata w/ Strawberries

Exercise:  Jazzercise - 50th class this year!

Post workout:  1 clementine

Meal 2:  Leftover Shepherd's Pie & Banana

Meal 3:  On the meal plan is Shrimp w/ Pesto over Zoodles - maybe leftovers instead (we have a fridge full!)

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Day 19

Tiger Blood is still here... I was ready to get up before my alarm went off (of course I went to bed pretty early, too), I had an intense workout (AND my MOM came!!), and I feel ready to tackle all of my work projects (there are a LOT right now, that I need to wrap up before vacation in 3 weeks!!).


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  3 scrambled eggs (w/ coconut milk, cooked in coconut oil), steamed spinach w/ ghee & a clementine, plus black coffee

Exercise:  Jazzercise

Post workout:  1/2 a banana

Meal 2:  Protein Salad (Leftover coconut curry chicken chopped up w/ clementines, celery, cucumber, kale, avocado, and some almonds on top for crunch)

Meal 3:  Shrimp over Pesto w/ Zoodles (ended up having leftover Shepherd's Pie last night - did NOT feel like cooking after my relaxing massage :) :) )

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Day 20

Feelin great!  So excited to be 2/3 of the way done (I'm ready for a glass of wine)... but I feel so good, that I know I'll stick with this long term!


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  Pork carnitas w/ cabbage slaw & plantains cooked in coconut oil

Exercise:  Jazzercise (~45 mins, traffic was bad, so I missed the first part)

Meal 2:  Chicken Protein Salad - same as yesterday.  I also brought some berries, and my boss is buying lunch for the office from Panera, so I opted for a bottled juice that is compliant.

Meal 3:  Beef Brisket w/ Sweet Potatoes & Carrots is cooking in the crockpot right now, and we'll have a Spinach & berries salad w/ raspberry vinegarette from the book to to with.  Yum!

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Day 21

I still feeeel good, but I'm hungry.  Maybe I needed a bigger breakfast, or something, but it's 10am and I'm ready for lunch!

I had some crazy dreams last night, and a lot of times my dreams have been so vivid, that I'd had to ask my husband if something really happened, or if I just dreamed it (there was a thunderstorm the other night, and I wasn't sure if it was real - it was).

Oh, and another unexpected side effect of this Whole30 - my teeth are whiter!  I think it's mostly from drinking less coffee, but could be from the food choices as well?  A definite bonus.


Also, I cheated and stepped on the scale this morning.... down 5 lbs!  Wooo.  Not proud of cheating, but excited for the weight loss.  Now I'm going to make it to day 31 before I weigh again, instead of my typical weighing every day.


Eats & Exercise:

Meal 1:  3 scrambled eggs (w/ 1 T coconut milk, cooked in coconut oil), steamed spinach w/ ghee and berries

Exercise:  Jazzercise

Meal 2a:  Today I brought smaller portions of 2 leftover meals - since that's what I had.  At 10 am I ate the leftover Shrimp w/ Pesto over Zoodles

Meal 2b:  Plan to eat the leftover Chicken Protein Salad when I get hungry again

Exercise 2:  Yoga class planned after work - more of a meditatve / stretching yoga class

Meal 3:  I'm thawing shrimp for Coconut Shrimp, probably a salad and fruit to go with it.  (http://www.wholefamilystrong.com/2012/01/24/whole-family-paleo-spicy-coconut-shrimp/)

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