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My Whole30 journey begins April16th!


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Hi all! I am a mother of two biological children (ages 2 & 12) and I have a 9 yr. old stepson. My husband and I stay pretty busy between work, the kids school & sports, and family time in general!


I am not pressuring the rest of my family to take this journey with me, only to support me with my decision. I have been talking to them about it for the last 2 weeks and explained to them that there would be a few changes in the house as far as where the snacks/junk food would be placed for the next 31 days to keep it out of my eyesight and that if we did "eat out" it would need to be somewhere that I could stay on track! Everyone is willing to help and keep me motivated. The only rule that I did lay down for them was that whatever I cooked/ate for dinner is going to be Whole30 compliant and would also be what they are having as I refuse to make separate dinners after a long day at the office!! If they don't like what I make for dinner than they are welcome to make a sandwich!  ;)


I am looking forward to changing my lifestyle and to be a happier and healthier mother and wife so I can stay active with my family! My daughter and husband will be hiding my scale tomorrow night as I am a "every morning weigh-in kind of person".  :unsure:



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