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Starting My First W30 April 25


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I was on a Cabbage Soup diet for a week, and I mentioned it to one of my friends who recommended I check out Whole30. I've read both of the books, and I am about ready to clean out my pantry this weekend. I've also placed an order with Pre-Made Paleo for their "Emergency Kit" so I'll have plenty of quick and healthy choices. It should be called a "No Excuses Kit!"


I am really, really excited to start. If I can make it through a week of cabbage soup, I can make it through 30 days of what looks like amazing, but healthy food. 


My best measure of success will be not only in the before and after data, but in the amount and quality of sleep I am able to achieve.


My boyfriend is taking me out for tapas and vino on 4/23 for my birthday, and I will be ready to start with a clean slate on 4/25!


It's great to be a member of the community!



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