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Itchy skin?


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I'm on Day 16, and my skin is suuuuper itchy, especially on my arms and legs. This also happened on Day 9, but was gone by Day 10. Can someone take a look at what I at those days and see if they can pinpoint a possible culprit? 


Day 9

M1: coffee with coconut cream, 3 scrambled eggs, sweet potato w/ coconut cream and pecans

M2: pork carnitas over mixed greens and guac

M3: Banana cooked in coconut oil with pecans and coconut flakes

M4: fried egg, compliant hot dog, roast brussels sprouts and broccoli


Day 15

M1: 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, green apple (ended up stuck somewhere where this was all that was available)

M2: giant salad from Mod Market with greens, cucumber, grated sweet potato, shredded coconut, and roast chicken 

M3: 2 compliant hot dogs, pickles, 2 beets, handful coconut flakes, 1/2 jicima root


The common denominators are coconut, eggs, sweet potatoes, and hot dogs. All of which I've eaten throughout the program with no issue. 

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I found out halfway through my first try at a whole30 that I was intolerant to eggs and coconut. I never pinpointed it because they seemed "healthy" options and because it was never an immediate reaction. You can always try cutting out one or the other for a few days and see how you feel?

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This could be something completely external to what you are eating. Possibly environmental? I get itchy skin on occasion, I've never been able to pinpoint it to one thing, but the food I eat doesn't vary a great deal as I try to keep things simple. But water intake varies and air quality varies and I work in a gym so...who knows.

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