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Kristen's 1st Food Log


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October 1st Day One!!!

So I tried to prepare food for this week yesterday. It took me two tries to make my wonderful mayo but it finally worked. My daughter cried through the entire process because she is afraid of things that make loud noises. I made two dressings with the mayo and both were great. Here is what I have eaten so far today:

Breakfast: Sweet Potato hash with two soft boiled eggs. For some reason I had a hard time eating this. It was great tasting but the flavors were two much for me so I ended up cutting an apple in half and ate that. I was full until right before lunch and then my stomach started to growl.

Lunch: I made a salad with a hamburger patty, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, a hatch green chili, peppers, avocado and a yummy lime cumin dressing made with my wonderful mayo. It was awesome and filled me up. I always have a sweet tooth after lunch so I had the rest of my apple and a little bit of almond butter and that was a great treat. I miss my usual diet Pepsi for lunch so I made my own fizzy drink of two strawberries, club soda, a drop of apple juice and a drop of lemon juice. It was yummy.

I am still thinking about what to make for dinner and it has to be fast because my husband has softball tonight.

My biggest issue today is I always chew my sugar free mint gum does anyone have any suggestions?

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The rest of Monday was bad I went home with a sinus headace and sick to my stomach. I ate two bites of a pork chop and some asparagus and then to bed at 8pm.

Not a fun 1st day.

Tuesday's Oct 2nd Food Log:

I woke up feeling much better and not feeling hungry. My husband on the otherhand was starving. He is having a harder time with getting enough to eat.

For Breakfast: I took an apple and chopped it up to tiny pieces, added some chopped almonds, unsweetened coconut and a pinch of rasins and cinnamon and then drizzled some coconut milk over that and it was really good. My husband shared this with me and loved it. He asked that we eat it everyday.

Snack: I made some deviled eggs the night before for a snack so I had those before lunch.

Lunch: I made a Tuna salad with egg, small amount of apple, onion, celery homemade mayo, salt & pepper and lettuce. It was so delicious. Oh and I made a fizzy drink with club soda a splash of pure apple juice and soem strawberries and frozen grapes it was yummy. It defiently helped with my soda craving.

Snack: a few almonds while making dinner it was that or I would of had my hand in the chocolate chips.

Dinner: I made a chicken dish with tomotoes, fresh basil and oregano from my garden and let it cook down. I made smashed caluiflower which I was not a big fan of and then stemed broccoli.

Day 2 was a little bit easier then day one and I have more options of food to use to that helps as well.

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Day 3 Oct 3rd:

I had a hard time falling asleep last night and staying asleep.

Breakfast: I had a few pieces of bacon this morning for breakfast very yummy.

Lunch: I have a salad with homemade balsamic vinagerette and then my leftovers from last night.

I have noticed that my pants are starting to loosen and it is making me happy!!

Will post later what is for dinner still deciding.

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