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Whole30 Round 3(ish)?


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Starting a round of whole30 because I NEED to get the sugar and junk out of my system.  I am severely overweight (probably close to 100lbs overweight) and I need to make changes because I'm hoping to get pregnant this eyar.  I've done whole30s in the past (I honesly forget how many I've fully completed, 2-3 I think), but I let my emotional eating/binge habits get the better of me as soon as day 31 hits and I ruin all the progress I make in those 30 days.  


As of right now, I'm not sure what day 31 will have in store for me, but I know I don't like how I feel right now and that I need to make a change. I'm re-reading ISWF and I'm hoping to have a long term plan that I can stick with this time.

Any suggestions on how to overcome emotional eating would be greatly appreciated!


Today's meals will be:

M1: 3 eggs and some potatoes cooked in ghee

M2: leftover steak fajitas (grassfed skirt steak with peppers, onions, and mushrooms, all cooked in ghee)

M3: chicken cooked with ghee over salad (usually arugala), probably with avocado

Beverage of choice: WATER! that's the one thing I'm really good at... I LOVE water so much that I almost exclusively stick to water and coffee as beverages.


note: I didn't go grocery shopping like I usually do, so meal's 1&2 are using whatever's left in the fridge until I can go shopping after work.

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Day 2 is almost over! I feel ok, but work was stressful and I have a headache either from sinus pressure, sugar withdrawal, or both :-/

Today's meals:

M1: eggs and raspberries with some coconut milk because I ran out of veg :-(

M2: leftover chicken in a salad with avocado

M3: I went shopping!! A Mongolian beef-type dish (I used the recipe from the Paleo Kitchen cookbook as inspiration) and mashed potatoes

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I feel like I was reading my own story! I too am on a health journey with the goal of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby/pregnancy! I did my first whole30 in January and knew it was time to do it again because I have allowed some sugar habits to sneak back in (one square of dark chocolate ok but when we're eating half the bar in one night? Houston we have a problem!). Glad to see someone on here who shares my goals and look forward to cheering each other on!

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Happy Monday!


I'm obviously terrible at keeping a daily record, but I like to think it's because I have a life?

I've been keeping to the whole30 rules though and I can tell it's working because I'm in that crazy food-dream stage. haha

The other night I had a dream where I ate ice cream and something with cheese (I forget what) because I forgot I was on whole30!  It was so real I actually woke up thinking "well I guess today is my day 1 again".  I was so relieved when I thought about what I'd eaten over the past few days and realized it must've been a dream!


So here's the meals for today (Day 8)


M1: Scrambled eggs, saute'd peppers/onions/mushrooms, and shredded potatoes cooked all cooked in ghee.

M2: Chicken and Broccoli Casserole (made with eggs and coconut milk instead of cheese and dairy)

M3: Grilled chicken over a salad with avocado and whatever I have left in my fridge tonight :)


I'm also really proud of myself for not having frozen fruit with coconut milk  for "dessert" every night like I usually do.

I've been really aware of how much I'm feeding my sugar dragon, so unless I'm genuinely hungry at night I'll make some sleepy time tea to end my day.


Have a great week!

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