Going to a brunch on sunday for my friend's birthday- HELP!


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Hi cvolker17,


First suggestion is do not be afraid to ask too many questions at the risk of being annoying. Depending on what they are cooked in, many of the omelettes could be made compliant by ordering them without the cheese. Just make sure to ask if anything is added to the egg mixture itself (like milk or cream). The restaurant may even be willing to not add those ingredients if you say you have a dairy allergy. You could also order the steak and eggs with some modifications. 


One of my favorite restaurant tricks though is to order a burger without the bun and a side salad. The caveat here is to make sure nothing like bread crumbs or oats are added into the meat. However, most restaurants keep it pretty simple with just the meat and egg.


The other option I see here is build your own plate with a few side items, like eggs + meat + side salad.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your response! I looked at the menu and here's what I'm planning: 


Ordering 2 poached eggs a la carte, a side salad without dressing (asking for EVOO and lemon instead), and a side of fruit. and I'm bringing an EPIC bar as well to have with the 2 eggs! 

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What I've started doing is telling the waiter what I can't have that may be in the food (dairy, sugar, gluten, grains) and ask if anything I order has those items in it to please let me know. One thing with ordering eggs, I forgot to ask this and one bite and I could tell the eggs were made with lots of butter. I spit them out and gave them to my daughter and ate my mom's grilled chicken instead. Good luck!

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