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Everyone is talking about diarrhea? Can I get some of that?

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Help. I'm on day 8 and constipated. I've had maybe two bowel movements of lesser size (I normally go daily)...advice?! What foods will trigger this? I've been told I have IBS-C...but I had worked hard to be pretty regulated before I started this. But maybe that's because I was eating a lot more crap?! I take probiotics every night.


Help Please!!! :o

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No magnesium supplement...is this recommended?


Let's see...Something like:


Morning: 2 eggs (hardboiled or scrambled), fruit, sauteed veggies (this is only if I have time), coffee black.

Snacks: nuts & dried fruit or lara bar or fruit (apple, banana, pineapple, etc.)

Lunch: salad w/ spinach and protein and avocado and chopped veggies with balsamic and fruit

Snack: sometimes another snack (one mentioned above)

Dinner: protein, veggie (cooked asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc.) or salad, and/or sweet potatoe or cauliflower rice/mash.

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Magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant so it can help with constipation, as well as with sleep, plus the vast majority of us are magnesium deficient due to modern farming techniques depleting the magnesium from the soil so it certainly wouldn't do any harm to try some.

Your food needs a little work...

Eggs, when they are your only source of protein in a meal, should be the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand without breaking, which is 3-4 for most females. Protein gives you the staying power to last the 4-5hrs until your next meal - your lack of protein here (& fat) is the reason you are needing to snack. Your lack of fat may also be contributing to your constipation. Fruit should not push the veg off your plate at any meal so switch the fruit for veg and you're in a much better place - veg also provide roughage which will also help you go.

Nuts are notoriously hard on the sytem and are recommended to be limited to a closed handful, every other day max. Fruit eaten on it's own as a snack will play havoc with your blood sugar - which in turn will cause lack of focus, faux hunger, energy spikes/dips - again eat more protein and fat at lunch to avoid this afternoon snack.

Larabars are for emergency use only - like you've fallen off a cliff and have got your foot stuck in a ravine, with little chance of rescue for 8hrs kind of emergency. When chewing your ankle off to get out of that ravine seems like a good idea, that's  when you reach for the larabar  ;) 

Snacking will prevent the body from becoming fat adapted - why would it need to tap into your fatstores for fuel when you are providing energy in the form of fruit (sugar), dried fruit (more sugar) and nuts (a fat yes, but an inferior one & also fairly high in natural sugars) between meals? 

Dinner looks better - but again no mention of fat.

So in short, add veggies, add fat, add protein, add magnesium, and if you're not drinking half an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily then add in some water too.

Hope this helps!!

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