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Tiffany's 1st Whole30 Log

Tiffany M

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Today is my first day on the Whole30. I am excited to finally do this because I can tell my body is full of toxins and my immune system is struggling. I currently get horrible headaches everyday and have to take advil or go to sleep to get rid of them; if I don't do either of these things it will turn into a migraine. I also tend to get sick/allergy symptoms at least once a month. My energy levels are low all of the time, I am not motivated to work out, I could sleep all day long and I feel like I can't think very clearly. I am hoping by following the whole30 program that these things will change/improve!


My biggest concern with the whole30 is having headaches while I am on it and not being able to control my cravings! I know it is worth it and I will stick to the rules but its not going to be easy! Posting on this forum will be my release!



Breakfast this morning:


Coffee with a little bit of coconut milk

1 egg with dill and black pepper

2 slices of tomato



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Hey Tiffany & welcome to Whole30...


If you want to avoid cravings & headaches then you are going to need to eat more - a lot more.

When eggs are the only source of protein in a meal you should be eating the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand, which is 3-4 for most females. Many people report that they stay satiated for longer if they mix up their protein sources so maybe add in some ground beef/turkey, or some mackerel... and WAY more veg. Why not the whole tomato - and then some?? We'd recommend 1-3 cups of veg per meal, with 3 being optimum.

You might want to re-visit the meal template - for best results, and so as you don't go hungry!

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