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It’s time—or it will be time, on May 1. I’ve chosen that Sunday as the start date for my first Whole 30. One week after an inpatient procedure and two weeks after my daughter’s Coming of Age Ceremony (the UU equivalent of a confirmation or bat mitzvah).


In the meantime, I’m easing in via attrition.  I’ll buy almond butter when my peanut butter runs out (like, tomorrow); I won’t replace the Ezkiel bread in my freezer (5 slices left) or the dark chocolate in my desk at work (4 squares remain). I’m hoping these small measures will minimize my detox symptoms when I begin in earnest.


I’m approaching the Whole 30 as rehab-meets-ashram. I’d be lying if I claimed that weight and physical appearance aren’t motivating factors for me. But I also hope that releasing my attachments  to certain types of food (to misquote Buddhism) will help me to lead a more authentic, mindful life.


No pressure. 

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