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Starting W30 #3 today. I was able to stick to the plan much better last time (August) but didn't do too well on my own (to say the least). My goals this time are to be fully compliant INCLUDING no weighing myself and to do a lot of thinking and planning for "riding my own bicycle" instead of somewhat blindly assuming I could eat a little of this and that with no difficulty. I also want to work on de-stressing and getting more sleep.

The month off, with all of its pitfalls, was useful in providing information. It's clear that snacking out of habit, emotional eating, and most of all sugar addiction are my major issues, so that also gives me specific things to work on, and plan for once I am on my own.

Today hasn't been too hard, although I'd fallen into a sugary snack habit the last week or two, and I felt the pull at various points during the day. I did snack a bit too much on nuts and fruit, so that's another goal as these 30 days roll along. And I just had a delicious and filling dinner, so I want to remember that if I can just hang on in the late afternoon/early evening, it will be worth the wait.

B: 2 fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and coffee with coconut milk

S: hazelnuts and dried cranberries

L: leftover chicken with fajita vegetables

S: apple, Larabar, cashews

D: tuna "Nicoise": green beans, tomatoes, avocado & canned tuna with vinaigrette - so easy and so heavenly

I'm planning to get to bed by 10 at the latest.


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I thought I would also write in my goals from the Day 0 worksheet:

Sleep: I will get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

Stress management: I will stretch and meditate for 10 minutes each day.

Injury rehab: I will pay close attention to the messages from my back (and modify activity if needed).

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You have put a lot of thought into it,a dn that will surely pay off.

Have a great w30!

p.s I also find it hard to avoid a snack mid-afternoon. My cocount milk coffee sees me through from breakfast to lunch but even though it's the same 5 hour gap till dinner I find it much harder.

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Definitely fighting the sugar and snack demons today, but so far I have kept the sugar at bay. Waaay too many nuts, but I'll keep working on it.

B: fried eggs with salsa and avocado, coffee with coconut milk

S: macadamias and dried cranberries

L: green salad with chicken and hard boiled egg & lots of veg

S: madacamias, cashews, larabar

D: roast chicken and baked squash with ghee

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Well, I definitely felt rather Kill All The Things today, but my job gets a good part of the blame for that. Inability to have chocolate was a contributing factor, as was the headache that I often get when W30ing if I don't get my caffeine level just right, and the GI distress from too many nuts, but I have a feeling today would have been a tough day even if I weren't on a W30. No slips, though, and I did get in some meditation last night AND was able to meet my sleep goal, so it's not all bad.

B: eggs, sweet potato hash, coffee with coconut milk, 1/2 banana

S: almonds

L: tuna with W30 mayo, lettuce

S: apple, hard boiled egg, cashews

D: chicken apple sausage, salad

And just now, raspberries, to remind me that there is some reason to live even without chocolate. :)

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7 hours of sleep has me waking up at a REALLY bad point in my sleep cycle so I am going to have to shoot for 7.5. 8 is just impossible right now, even if it's idea. No caffeine headache today, so that's a win. I had a 3-hour training after class, and was reeeeally hungry by the time it was done, but I made it.

B: 2 fried eggs, tomato, avocado and coffee with coconut milk

S: Macadamias and cranberries

L: Salmon roasted with summer squash, onions and lemon

S: HB egg, apple, larabar

D: Same as lunch

And again, raspberries before heading up to bed. Mmmmmm.

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Not a fab day - had a nut binge this afternoon/evening. I think next week I will have to have a nut moratorium.

B: Fried eggs, salsa, avocado, coffee & coconut milk

S: Macadamias & cranberries

L: Tuna salad on a big bed of spring mix lettuce

S: HB egg, apple, larabar, then tooooo many cashews and hazelnuts

D: Zoodles with turkey meatballs and spaghetti sauce

And my back/neck problems have returned with a vengeance.

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My achievements of the last 24 hours: I hosted a baby shower for a friend, which meant I baked cupcakes without licking the spoon (or, um, the bowl), frosted them with no tastes of frosting, and prepped, enjoyed, and cleaned up from the party without eating any junk or having a drink (sugary or boozy, either one). I served a mix of Whole30 stuff and things the guests of honor wanted, so I was able to eat, but some moments were a bit torturous. But I did it.

B: 2 fried eggs with spinach sauteed in bacon fat, coffee with coconut milk.

Felt really headachey and ill at the grocery store so had a banana and it helped a bit.

L: Leftover chicken breast with avocado

S: Apple with sunbutter

D: chicken salad and spring green salad with dried cherries, pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette; some crudite and lots of raspberries and strawberries

And on to tomorrow when we need to shop for a new fridge (thankfully it is dying slowly, not dead) and stove, and if we can afford it, a bigger deep freeze for all the Whole30 goods!

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Today was a very long day and I am way past my bedtime goal, so in brief: new kitchen appliances to be delivered in 2 weeks which will be VERY W30 friendly (*big* freezer and fancy stove, and fridge basically like the one we have but with a tiny bit more space).

The usual breakfast, chicken salad and cucumbers for lunch, apple and nuts for snack, tuna "nicoise" for dinner. Bills paid. Time for bed.

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UUUUUUUGH! I just found out that a lot of the nuts I've been eating for MONTHS are cooked in peanut oil. I'm not starting over, but ARGH. Also, we bought them in bulk so we have a ton of them (and a ton of $$$ invested in them). (No wonder they tasted so good, though....) So that nut moratoriam is gonna be big time. Bleh. Hard boiled eggs, here I come.

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Found out the same thing myself yesterday for what seemed like the perfect nuts and dried fruit trail mix. Seriously they put that stuff in everything! :(

If you think your family will be eating them in the future then stick all or most of them in the freezer for now so you're not tempted. I can't figure out whether to do that or just toss them because I don't have a ton left.

Don't be too hard on yourself and just keep up the awesome work and effort you've been putting in! :D

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Thanks, JennyH. It's frustrating how hard it is to get away from all of these foods, and they were SO yummy. But I'll deal.

I think i am getting to the beginning of more energy, and more regulated moods. I hope so, since my moods were anything but regulated last week! ;) I didn't get enough sleep last night but hope to do better for the rest of the week.

B: 3 fried eggs, salsa, and avocado. Coffee with coconut milk.

S: HB egg, grapes

L: Chicken salad with mixed lettuce

S: apple with sunbutter, later a chunk of chicken with a little bit of mayo

D: garlic-lemon shrimp, broccoli and roasted squash, followed by raspberries with a dab of coconut cream

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I didn't make my bedtime goal for several nights running (Fri-Mon, I think, although maybe 1 in there was early enough) so I made a point of going to bed at 10 last night and my son woke up a billion times. Such is life.

Last W30 was the first time I had eating dreams, and they started really early this go-round (like, Day 3) but last night I had a SCALE dream. :lol: I dreamt I was somewhere that they NEEDED to weigh us to see if the scales were working. Both scales showed lovely losses. :) Interestingly, unlike the food dreams, I was not paralyzed with guilt. Even so, it hasn't impacted my resolve to stay off the scale in real life.

Yesterday's report

B: 3 eggs, salsa, avo, coffee with coco cream

S: HB egg, grapes, lemon tea

L: Leftover garlic shrimp with broccoli and green beans

S: apple and sunbutter

PWS: poached chicken and a bit of mayo

D: Chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice

SOMETHING bugged my digestion in the past two days and the only possible culprit I can see is the sunbutter, so I am going to be all-egg-all-the-time for the next couple of days since I have very few other portable snack options. (I wish someone made W30 compliant turkey jerky. Yes, someday that someone can be me but right now I don't have time.)

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Recognized another trigger last night: being tired. I wanted something sweet soooo badly, but I resisted, and I finished up my chores as quickly as possible so I could give my body what it really wanted, sleep.

B: Eggs, salsa, avocado, coffee w coconut milk

S: HB egg, grapes, coffee w/ coconut milk (and no caffeine headache!! yay!)

L: leftover chicken tikka and cauliflower

S: apple, HB egg

D: White fish baked with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and lemon - yummy

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Made it through two more days, including shopping at a regular grocery store in the BAKERY department (my son's school was having a family breakfast and the teacher needed baked goods). That was torture, but I got through it.

Tonight I tried the mashed cauliflower from Well Fed. O. M. G. Is it the same as potatoes? No, but it's damn close and damn good! Melissa is a goddess!

Thursday - standard breakfast/snack/leftovers lunch/snack plus Larabar, and Applegate chicken & apple sausage with sauteed onions and tomatoes for dinner.

Today - standard breakfast/snack, tuna salad and cucumbers for lunch, HB egg and apple, roast chicken with mashed cauil and balsamic roasted summer squash for dinner. Was thinking I'd have some raspberries but I am stuffed!

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Yesterday, standard breakfast, chicken, mashed cauliflower and green beans for lunch, W30 fish sticks and oven roasted veg for dinner. The fish sticks were gross, but they were dinner so I soldiered on. I had some berries and some pistachios at different points in the day.

The pistachios were a dangerous discovery and I had way too many today. I'd been nearly a week without nuts after discovering the peanut oil issue, so I was really glad to realize I had compliant pistachios. Too glad. I will try and keep them to a minimum now. Standard breakfast plus some mushrooms that were leftover from something. Really yummy salad with spring lettuces, grapes, pistachios, tuna, hard boiled egg, and balsamic vinaigrette. The aforementioned excess of pistachios. An apple. Then turkey pesto burgers with caramelized onions and mushrooms, and butternut squash on the side. So full I could burst now.

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