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Hi Jen! And Donna!

Started this morning. Weighed myself and did a few measurements, too, which I didn't do last time. I was feeling so prepared and had to cook breakfast and eat in a bit of a hurry, so I made 2 scrambled eggs with spinach [coconut oil], an Applegate Farms turkey hotdog, and some grapes. Hadn't tried that hotdog before and it was nasty! My opinion, I'm sure, but ew. I ate one bite and gave the rest to the dog. :( But now I'm worried that what I had won't keep me full long enough. I did eat kind of late so maybe I'll have lunch early-ish and it will work out okay. I've done a bunch of menu planning for the week and just need to do a little more shopping, and redo my clarified butter since I burned it last night. Anyway, feels good to be doing it! I can't believe I will be doing W30 for Halloween, but it's probably just as well...I can totally go overboard with that stuff, and with 2 kids to steal candy from it's pretty easy to overdo it. Will report back tonight with my full day's log. Happy to be back here with you ladies! :)

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Well, this was a harder day than I expected. Can't say I was really HUNGRY between meals, but I definitely was wanting to do my usual grazing. I did do some, but only with W30 approved items.

B: eggs and spinach scrambled in coco oil, grapes, 1 bite of nasty turkey hotdog

L: tuna salad w/homemade mayo and chopped apple, in Pure Wrap, plus what didn't fit. Handful of almonds.

S: spoonful of coconut butter, dried apples, pina colada popsicle, boatload of chicken skin

D: Well Fed 5 spice ribs

My timing was all off with my cooking today. I roasted a the best deal, when I was at WF a few days ago they had roasters for 99 cents a pound on sale! So I paid $5 for a 5lb chicken. Total steal. I used to buy rotisserie turkey breast to make my turkey salad lunches with, but didn't realize they added all sorts of crap to that....oops. So thought I should make my own. I never roast chicken so I figured out how to do it and it looked really good...and the crispy skin was too much to resist. :) Unfortunately I don't think it was cooked alllll the way through...mostly, but not all the way. I don't have an instant-read thermometer [gotta put that on the list] so I just went by time and tried the whole "juices run clear" thing, but not accurate enough, I guess. So I made sure I only took off the cooked part for making salads with and I'm pitching the rest. However, if you don't hear from me again, I probably got something horrible and croaked. :) Anyway, the chicken was done too early for dinner, or I might have eaten some for dinner. And the ribs didn't get in the crock pot until 2:30 and they take at least 6 hours, so they were done really late. By the time my kids were in bed and the ribs were done, I wasn't too hungry because of all the snacks I ate, so I had some ribs but didn't do any sides or anything. Not a W30 poster child today for sure! Anyway, I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

How are you all doing?

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I always snack too much at the beginning of a W30 but I figure it's an improvement over how and what I was eating previously, so I try not to stress too much. And when I have undercooked chicken, I nuke any suspicious bits because I am too cheap to throw it out. We have an instant read thermometer now which helps but even so sometimes I have a bit that I wonder about. I'm a little paranoid and still new to cooking chicken. But we have not died yet! :D

I GORGED myself on nuts yesterday. :( Note to self: Never, ever, ever, ever buy the big bag of shelled pistachios at Costco again. Never. Otherwise I was fine. Standard breakfast, chicken salad on big bowl of salad greens for lunch, hardboiled egg and apple for snack, too many damn nuts, shrimp fajitas for dinner. OMG good, that!

How's it going, Donna?

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Hey, it's quiet! Jen, I am glad to hear I'm not the only one with the snacking. I did better yesterday and better than that today, so that's good. It is easy to go mental with the nuts, so I feel your pain. :)


B: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, 5 spice pork, grapes

S: dried apples, almonds

L: chicken salad with grapes and walnuts on Pure Wrap

S: clementine, popsicle

D: 2 thin cut pork chops, carrot sticks with sesame dressing [Well-Fed recipe but came out yucky, maybe my tahini is too old]

S: popsicle


B: same as yesterday

L: steak with sauteed onions and peppers, apple

S: spoonful of coconut butter, couple of walnuts, few dried apples

D: cilantro lime shrimp [forgot how much I love this], sauteed spinach with garlic and golden raisins

S: haven't had it yet but will have a popsicle later

Jen, how were your past 2 days? Donna, you still out there?

Oh, and I was at BJ's today and found unsweetened bacon! Yahoo! It does have nitrites [or nitrates, I get confused] but at least according to another thread I was reading, that's okay. Very psyched!

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It's been a busy and challenging couple of days, mostly from work stress but also a very tough evening tonight between C & I because of how hard things are with both of us stressed about work, the kids, and food. Very emotional. So not too surprisingly another bad night for nuts, but otherwise compliant both days. More later but I need to go to sleep.


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Quiet again!

I am finding that I am really wanting stuff I can't have...not physically, since I'm on plan and feeling satiated, but emotionally. Comfort food, you know? And none of my usual comfort foods are things I can eat. :( So that is a drag. I worked for 6 hours today at a sale put on by our town's parenting group--clothes, toys, gear etc. It's awesome and it was fun but very tiring and there was a ton of candy that was really tempting me, and then when I was starving for lunch the pizza delivery came, from my favorite place. :( But I just ate my Larabar and waited to each lunch until I got home. Sigh. I'm feeling like Halloween is going to be really hard. Which I know is lame.

Also, I have a funeral to go to tomorrow, for a friend of mine who died of cancer this week. Obviously very upsetting. Apparently her mom wants to take a few people out to coffee and dessert afterwards and I am invited. It will be awkward not to eat anything but I'm sure there won't be anything I can have. But of course I'm not going to not go because of that, will just have to suck up the awkwardness, I guess. Will try to stay strong on that one.

How is everyone else?

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