Reintro'ing gluten & dairy first due to travel


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Today (Mon) is Day 29. WHOA!


Predictably, I'm looking for some advice on reintroductions. 


I am particularly nervous about dairy and gluten, as my instincts tell me one or both were causing my asthma and eczema to flare up. I really want to test them both properly to know for sure. 


According to the reintroduction schedule, I would introduce legumes on Wed and non-gluten grains on Friday. Dairy and gluten wouldn't happen until next week. 


But, I'm leaving for a trip on Friday. The timing is problematic for a few reasons:


- We are visiting friends & family in NJ/NY. They are serving pizza for lunch and lasagna for dinner on Sat. If I'm going to be the person who doesn't eat pizza and lasagna in NJ, I want to have a solid reason - i.e., I'd like to have already tested them. And since the dairy/gluten will be combined at each meal, it won't be a proper test to just eat it there.


- I would really like to be HOME when I test for dairy. I imagine reactions can be pretty uncomfortable, and I'd rather not be stuck in a car driving for 6 hours when they hit (or sharing a bathroom with a house full of people!)


So, I'm considering changing the order. I might test dairy on Wed (at home, since that is the one that seems most likely to cause a good bit of stomach discomfort) and gluten on Friday (my hunch is the gluten is causing the asthma flare ups, and I'd rather deal with asthma while traveling than stomach upset). I would likely save legumes and non-gluten grains for when I get home, after several days of Whole30-compliant meals to get back to a good place.


Does this seem like a reasonable and worthwhile compromise?


I know it's not ideal, but it seems like the best way to get a handle on the two that are most likely to crop up on the trip and most likely to cause problems. 


Thanks in advance for any feedback.




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Your plan is a-ok!  Depending on how off the rails you go on your trip (not to say you will... just IF you do), you may want to do a couple weeks of Whole30 before going back to testing... I'm not sure how long you're going for so if you go for a reasonably long time between Whole30 and getting back on Whole30, you may want to do a full one to get the most out of your reintroductions.

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Oh phew!! That's a relief. Thanks for chiming in.


I'll be gone for a week. The last two-thirds of the trip are in NYC, where I shouldn't have too much trouble staying compliant. 


It's the first 1/3 in NJ that will be more challenging, as my in-laws eat almost exclusively pasta and cheese ;)

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