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day 12 and still bloated


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It seems as though my stomach is very bloated. I not only quit dr. Pepper when I started this I quit wine every night. So I am mystified at why I haven't had a little less bloating. 51 and starting menopause. No changes 8n my clothes and how they fit. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Sadness.

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It could be that even amongst the compliant foods that you are eating that there is something you are sensitive to - or hat your meals aren't composed well, or you're relying heavily on nuts/dried fruits..... Or any numbre of other tings.

Can you give us a list of what you have eaten over the past few days indicating portion sizes, and with specific protein, fats & veg types... also water intake, sleep/stress/activity levels, pre existing medicals conditions etc. That way we'll be better equipped to help you troubleshoot.

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I had the same problem until I limited my starchy veggies. I was eating them for almost every meal, because who doesn't love sweet potatoes. Once I cut it down to one smaller serving a day if any at all, the bloat went away. I am also sensitive to nightshades so white potatoes make me bloat very badly. 

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Thursday April 14

Spinach, sweet potato frittata

Coffee with coconut milk (guar gum)

Salmon salad

Dried mango, two dates

Rockfish tacos on butterleaf with mango salsa and guac and carrots

Roasted strawberries with whipped coconut cream



Friday April 15

Frittata leftover

Coffee with coconut milk



Fish and chips



Saturday April 16

Eggs and greens

Lara bar

Nuts and fuit

Hamburgers and french fries

Fruit salad


Sunday April 17

Asparagas, prociutto and eggs

Mac nuts

Salmon salad on tomato

Squash and chicken


Monday April 18

Sunflower seeds

Carrot cake Lara Bar

Rolled up Turkey meat

Baked potato with meat and veggies



I eat small to medium portions. Yesterday I had to be 45 minutes away by 8 and did not eat anything until after noon and that was the sunflower seeds to hold me over until I got home.


Maybe a little happy on nuts. 

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Nuts and seeds can cause bloat for some. You might try dropping them altogether and seeing if you notice any difference in your bloat.

Raw veggies can also cause bloat. If eliminating the nuts and seeds doesn't completely do the trick for you, you might try switching to all cooked veggies.


How much water are you drinking? We recommend 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily.

Also, drop the Lara Bar. Those are emergency food only, on a Whole30.

Is the rolled up turkey meat compliant? Deli meat is suspect for carrageenan.

And... hamburger and french fries?  Fish and chips? If the fries/chips are commercially prepared or deep fried, they are off-limits on Whole30. http://whole30.com/2014/07/new-whole30/


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The hamburgers and fish and chips are compliant in that I baked the chips (made them really large). The fish I  fried in shallow compliant oil (homemade beef tallow).  But maybe that didn't meet the spirit I have two kids and try to have us all eat the same thing. Deli meat was compliant turkey from Costco.


Water...hmmm....somedays I do really well and other days I get busy and forget. I broke my big water bottle that I knew to fill X number amount of times a day. I will make a point to keep up on that.


Okay I can precook up veggies tonight for tomorrow and Thursday. I can nix the nuts and seeds and the Lara Bar. I live 25 minutes from town and if I get out of the house without being prepared I use the Lara Bar and nuts to hold me over. But not every day....just instead of going into the grocery store on an empty stomach. I get it though. 


Okay I will try these changes. Thank you so much for replying.

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