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Kelsey's Food Log


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Day 1:

Not too different from what I have been eating. Well, I should say when I eat what I'm supposed to!


3 scrambled eggs made w/coconut oil, cooked spinach w/vinegar & mug of black coffee


ground beef w/small apple, cinnamon & nutmeg. Handful of coconut flakes.


sweet potato w/ghee & ground beef

Went to the butcher's for the first time in my adult life! Thankfully the owner eats paleo and was very helpful. I can see how this could become expensive.

I tried the Rooibus herbal tea; it's pretty good!

I'm trying to get my more major type cooking done before meal time. That proved difficult at lunch. I can see how poor planning can really mess you up!

One day down!

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Thanks, Derval--I appreciate it!

Day 2

I thought I was doing well emotionally. That is, until I had to cook an unplanned meal for my grown son and his girlfriend. My mind wasn't connecting the dots like it usually does. I had to make something for them (of course everything was noncompliant for them.) I just couldn't seem to figure out what to make. There was a frozen pizza and something else in there, but I just didn't see it. I ended up making beef tacos for them w/a side salad, but I felt like I just was "lacking" in the brain department. It almost put me in tears. Because of that I didn't have time to plan what I was going to eat for dinner. I was stressed and overwhelmed. So I just pretty much ate what I had for lunch. I've been short with my family, so I need to take a step back and calm down. Sheesh.

B-3 scrambled eggs fried in coconut oil with hot sauce, cooked spinach w/vinegar, 2 cups of coffee

L-handful of coconut flakes, lg. sweet potato w/ghee, gr. beef, herbal tea

S- cup of bone broth

D-med. sweet potato w/ghee, gr. beef, avocado w/hot sauce, handful of coconut flakes, herbal tea

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Day 3

Breathing & heart rate seem to have returned to somewhat normal rate. ;) I am still a little grouchy and short w/people. (I'm trying...) I went to a concert last night. It wasn't so bad not having wine or anything w/sugar. I ordered seltzer water w/lime. It held me over and it turned out to be free! Woo hoo! I did get hungry when it was over, but I didn't give in and it passed. Typically, I'd chow down once I got home, but I persevered! :lol: Now, my ears are still ringing and I'm sluggish and unmotivated to work out. (Maybe I'll just walk the dogs and count that as my workout.) I got about 5 hours of sleep before my alarm went off. I shut it off and got another hour or so of "sort of sleep."

Here's what I ate for the day:

B-3 scrambled eggs w/coconut oil,hot sauce & cooked spinach w/vinegar

L-Fresh spinach, handful of coconut flakes,vinegar & olive oil, a little ground beef, 2 chicken tenders (plain strips of chicken breast) hot sauce, a banana, a cup of bone broth.

S-Small glass of coconut milk (I found out that I really don't like to drink it.) A handful of coconut flakes.

D-Ground Butcher's Blend meat (beef, pork & veal) apple w/cinnamon and nutmeg, coconut flakes and a cup of bone broth.

Note to self:

When making bone broth, let it cook more than 10 hours. (I think it says to let it cook 12-24 hrs in the book.) The marrow of the bone didn't cook out. I think that's why I'm missing the richness now. Live & learn... ^_^

One more day down!

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Day 4

I was tired due to lack of sleep (concert,) but it seemed ALOT better by 4pm for some reason.

B-3 scrambled eggs w/coconut oil, mushrooms, spinach and home made taco seasoning, 2 cups of coffee.

L-spinach salad, mushrooms, kalamata olives, butcher's blend meat, vinegar & olive oil.

D-2 handfuls of coconut flakes, chicken curry w/broccoli and spinach, cup of bone broth, decaf coffee w/cinnamon & coconut milk.

So far, so good!

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Day 5

Not a great day emotionally. I got into an argument w/my hubby. Ended up getting into a disagreement w/my 22 yo son. Cried...yuck.

It was better that I stay home and "merged" w/my family when during the times I felt ok.

Hopefully, today will be better. ( I had a dream last night about Oreo cookies, btw.)

So here's what I ate yesterday:

B-3 scrambled eggs in coconut oil,mushrooms, spinach w/ taco seasoning & hot sauce.

L-spinach salad, baby carrots, red pepper, capers, kalamata olives, broccoli w/vinegar and olive oil, butchers blend meat, avocado w/mayo. Rooibus tea

S-handful of coconut flakes

D-Chicken w/tarragon sauce (it was crazy. I was completely full, felt like I would be sick if I ate another thing. But...I wanted to eat something crunchy & sweet. Ick.) :wacko:

S-bone broth

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Day 6

I'm posting this earlier than usual since I think that I won't be eating anything else this evening.

l have to admit, I had a hard time at the grocery store today. I was happy to see the big selection of produce AND they now carry cage-free, hormone and antibiotic free ground chicken! Little joys, right? ;) I like it since this place is closer by 25 minutes and a little cheaper than the usual places that I go. Anyway...as I was walking thru the aisles, wouldn't you know that I kept accidentally going down the chip aisles, then the candy and cookie aisle! I actually caught myself talking out loud (to myself!) saying, "You gotta' get out of here..." So glad no one was close enough to hear it! :huh:

B-3 scrambled eggs in coconut oil, spinach, broccoli, taco seasoning.

L-coconut flakes, hard boiled egg w/mayo, left over tarragon chicken, banana.

S-handful of almonds

D-moroccan chicken, baked sweet potato "fries" w/ shallots and garlic, mayo on the side. I have to say, this was the BEST meal I've had yet!

Almost one week--yay!!

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I talk to myself in the grocery store too... glad to hear that you got out of the chip isle! Hang in there, you're getting days under your belt and sound like your body is responding (unfortunately that responding isn't fun at first!). Keep on!

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Day 7

Yesterday seemed to be good overall. No big temptations, just plugging along. :) My sleep is getting better; now I think I need to start getting ready for bed a full 30 minutes before actually sleeping. I think I putz around a lot longer than I had originally thought. The reality set in when I started my sleep timer app. It told me that the alarm would go off in 7 hrs and 45 min. I thought I got at least 8 hours of sleep every night. That's not counting the 10 or 15 minutes that it takes me to actually go to sleep. So, I guess I need to plan for my sleep ritual as well as my meals!

It seems that my emotions are starting to settle. Thank the Lord for that! I'm already on Amberen for my perimenopausal symptoms, so I didn't like adding to the craziness.

I also came to the realization that I like homemade mayo w/avocados and raw veggies! :wub: I never would've thought that in a million years!

B-3 scrambled eggs w/olive oil,thyme, hot sauce & a bit of spinach

L-Hard boiled egg w/mayo, moroccan chicken, 1/2 avocado w/mayo, handful of almonds

D-1/2 avocado w/mayo, Italian chicken, 1/2 red pepper & baby carrots w/mayo, bone broth

S-coconut flakes

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You are doing great. The first week was very hard for me also. Lots of emotional baggage and challenges about eating but with plugging along as you are doing it passed. That was three weeks ago. It looks like your body is adjusting to this life style as are your emotions. With all the challenges you have had for the first week I think you are responding extremely well. Keep on plugging. It is worth it.

PS Yes, I love the mayo and avocado. YUM

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You sound awesome!

I laughed about the putzing around at night... that is totally me. I'm like a five-year-old doing everything possible to stall having to go to sleep... glass of water, check the doors, turn off the lights, pet the dogs, pick up a little... it's weird? Why do I do that? I like sleeping! :P

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D​ay 8

Yesterday was supposed to be a fasting day (until 5 pm.) Well, after going to stores to run errands and standing next to the candy and seeing the Pumpkin latte's in Starbucks, I ended up eating. The emotions got the best of me. I ate good stuff, mind you, but it was apparent that I still have some kind of emotional crutch going on. :blink: I think this 30 days evaluation is good in many ways for me. *said assuming the "thinker" pose* Started getting ready for bed earlier and made it a full eight hours of sleep last night! Yay!

B-coffee w/coconut milk, mug of bone broth

S-mug of bone broth

L-2 handfuls of almonds,banana, 2 eggs fried in olive oil, leftover Italian sauce, 1/2 sw. potato w/ghee

D-almond chicken, handful of coconut flakes, 1/2 sw. potato w/ghee

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I usually fast once a week for religious reasons. Sounds old fashioned, but I think it helps me to get in touch w/God. So anyway, it hasn't been a big deal, but once in a while, I have an emotional hook w/ food. I can see now that it's a deep seated thing. I go to food when I don't want to have a confrontation, or feel lonely, or hurt. It's all stuff we've heard a million times. For me, it's something that I thought "other people" dealt with. Surprise! :o It's my deal, too.

Day 9

Did well overall. Preplanning is a lifesaver! I had errands and an appointment in the city, so I knew I wouldn't be home for several hours. At the health food store that I shop sometimes, there's a food bar that lists the ingredients of everything offered. That was wonderful! Not cheap, but I knew I was staying on track. In the evening, I helped w/a class that trains guide dogs for the blind. I was responsible for handing out candy! Can you believe it?! :blink: I did fine w/o slip ups. It was my favorite candy, too--Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Once I came home, tho, I went straight for the coconut flakes and almonds. I didn't plan to snack, but I was a little hungry and I think there was some residual "peanut butter cup" envy going on. I'm doing a whole lot better w/the sugar issue. I don't think I would've been able to turn down the candy a week ago.

B-3 scrambled eggs in coconut oil,mushrooms, parsley

L-2 servings of pork loin, roasted mushrooms, I tried kombucha for the first time. It was interesting; I'd try it again.

D-kale chips, ground chicken w/broccoli & mushrooms, wedge of roast cabbage, small amount of coconut flakes and a few almonds

S-handful of coconut flakes and a handful of almonds

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Day 10

I noticed feeling more "normal" yesterday. But when I say normal, I guess I mean better than my usual normal. It's weird. I had "normal before whole30" and now a "normal during whole30." I imagine the bar for normal has turned into something entirely different now. I can fit into jeans that haven't fit me for several months. I am so stoked about that. I was beginning to run out of jeans that I could squeeze into. I'm not stressing over what I should eat, how much I should eat, when I should eat, how I'm a bad person for eating "that." You get the picture. <_< My digestion seems to be working as it should--that hasn't happened for well over a year. Sleep has become a priority again. I'm feeling less overwhelmed. I can actually be in the same room as a dessert or sweet and not turning into a raving maniac and eat my serving as well as other people's! (It happened again last night. At bible study, the host had pumpkin cake roll w/cream filling. I wasn't really tempted. That has never happened!) :rolleyes:

B-3 eggs fried in ghee, wedge of roasted cabbage (I think I may skip cooked cabbage from now on. I think it bloats me.)

L-lettuce salad w/apple, ground chicken, tomato, baby carrots, olive oil & vinegar, 1/2 avocado w/mayo

S-kale chips and handful of almonds

D-sweet potato hash w/red pepper and gr. chicken, 1/2 avocado w/mayo

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Day 11

I actually felt like doing my kettlebell workout. I didn't feel the "tiger blood," but my energy was good. So, I got thru a lighter version of a typical workout. It was good; no major issues. I have to remind myself to post in the Log now. I'm kinda on a roll w/my eating, so I don't think about it as much anymore. Yay for that! B)

B-3 scrambled eggs w/basil & hot sauce, 1/2 avocado w/mayo & a couple of cups of coffee

L-ground beef, sw. potatoes, cabbage w/ghee & cinnamon, 1/2 avocado w/mayo

S-bone broth

D-ground beef, lettuce, tomato, baby carrots, cabbage salad w/vinegar & olive oil. Almonds & coconut flakes.

S-bone broth

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Day 12

Almost forgot to post my meal log today!

B-3 scrambled eggs w/spinach & hot sauce

L-4 salmon cakes w/mayo, a small lettuce & carrot salad w/vinegar & olive oil

D-bone broth, 3 salmon cakes w/mayo, large salad w/apple, carrots, vinegar & oil.

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Day 13

I'm going to go ahead and post for today, seeing that I don't plan on eating anything else tonight.

B-3 scrambled eggs, red pepper flakes, a little spinach w/vinegar, 2 coffees

L-2 salmon cakes w/mayo, bit of ground chicken & hot sauce, a salad w/baby carrots & vinegar/oil, handful of coconut flakes, a couple of ounces of left over bone broth.

D-Ginger soup made from bone broth and & chicken, handful of coconut flakes.

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Day 14

Pretty uneventful day. I feel like I'm in the groove for food choices, no cravings and have been trying to get to bed and get a good night's sleep.

My jeans continue to fit better and better each day! :)

B-3 scrambled eggs and hot sauce w/a bit of broccoli

L-chicken curry w/brocc. & cauliflower. 6 Kalamata olives

D-Salad w/lettuce spinach, baby carrots, mayo, ground chicken, 8 kalamata olives w/vinegar & oil.

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Pure Craziness of Day 15

It's hard to believe that I only started this process 16 days ago! My pants continue to loosen up. I see the layer of fat that was on my abs slowly going away--I can see the beginnings of a six pack again! My sugar cravings are gone. Now, Super Man I am not. I had to remove myself from the candy area while waiting to rent a dvd from the RedBox machine. I think if I tempt fate, I may lose. Better safe than sorry. Even tho I had to get up at "zero dark thirty," (that's the middle of the night for you civilians ;) ) and only got 5 1/2 hrs of sleep, I did a whole lot better than when I was eating the "old way." I was able to walk the dogs, do my kettlebell workout, go to a meeting and run all of my errands. I began to get tired a few hours before my usual bed time. Not bad at all.

Yesterday's food (Day 15) I was fasting until dinner time.

D-hard boiled egg w/mayo, handful of coconut flakes, frittata, small salad w/ oil & vinegar, baby carrots w/mayo

S-bone broth

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Day 16

Did the kettlebell workout yesterday & it seems I'm returning to my regular workouts w/o feeling drained.

B-egg & chicken salad w/capers & broccoli, 2 cups of coffee (I actually ate this in the car, in the dark w/a spoon!) I sort of sound like Dr. Suess! :P Anyway, had to take my oldest son to the airport at 3:30 in the morning & it's an hour and a half drive each way. I was hungry before the sun came up, hence the eating in the darkness. I had to laugh once I took a look at myself in the mirror when I got home. I had mayo splattered over the front of my jeans. I looked a mess. :o I was proud of myself for planning to bring along something good, tho. History would've had me eating a granola or fiber bar on the way.

S-coconut flakes & a banana


D-2 handfuls of almonds, med. sweet potato w/ghee & chicken, plum, baby carrots 2/mayo

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Day 18

I ended up tweaking my back somehow. Ugh. Went to the chiropractor and was adjusted. Had to ice my back and neck and take it easy. Only walking this week--I don't feel up to swinging the kettlebell yet.

On an interesting note, my husband has decided to try "some" of the way that I've been eating. I don't know how that will go; I guess some improvement is better than nothing. I'm just not real sure what his expectations are. He talks about wanting to feel & look better and have more energy, but the commitment doesn't seem to be there. I don't know. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I guess I'm getting the vibe that he wants me to think about what he'll eat and just make it. It doesn't seem that he's putting in that much effort. Maybe I'm being a little snobby about the whole thing. I guess I want him to want it and be willing to make the changes himself. Oh, well...

B-3 scrambled eggs in coconut oil & smashed cauliflower fried in lard w/coconut aminos

L-handful of almonds, 1/2 sweet potato w/ghee, 3 oz. ground beef, hard boiled egg w/mayo,a plum.

D-Kale chips, 3oz. ground beef, med. sweet potato w/ghee

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