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First Day!


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Joining this forum for a little extra support as I start my first whole 30. I am a personal trainer & nutritionist and mostly eat paleo to begin with. I've never attempted a whole30 before, as I have a long history of bulimia and binge eating and don't like to place restrictions on myself. The reason I am changing my tune is due to energy! I am sick of waking up exhausted and feeling like I need to nap all the time. I just came off of a big wedding weekend and I'm so ready to not have wine for at least 30 days! 

I am looking forward to the Tiger Blood stage, the hardest part for me is going to be giving up quest bars, and stevia! Coffee this morning was bulletproof with MCT oil and coconut cream- great start. 

My instagram is @trainingbytarabrunet if anyone wants to follow along with my whole30 journey and food! Will be meal prepping up a storm today for the first week. 


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