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MommaGem's First Whole30


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Day 19 - My First Jog!


Sleep: Slept really well last and woke up with no problems - Hurray!


Exercise: I officially started the Couch to 5K program, so I went for my first jog this morning! It was a windy, stormy day, but I loved every minute of it  :)


Meditation: Yes, 15 minutes in the morning


Mood:  Feeling pretty darn good today!


M1: The usual. 2 scrambled eggs, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


Post-WO:  Some chicken & sweet potato. Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2:  Leftover BBQ Beef, potato salad, veggie salad w/ Tessemae dressing


M3:  Homemade burgers on a bed of salad greens w/ tomatoes, potato salad, and Tessemae dressing


Other Thoughts: Whoooo! NSV - I went to pick my kids up from daycare today and one of the teachers asked, "Have you been losing weight?  Because it really looks like it."  They don't know I'm doing any sort of diet, so it was out of the blue.  Hurray!  

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Day 20 - 2/3 of the Way Through!


Sleep:  Slept great last night and even woke up before the alarm wide awake. No struggling to get out of bed today  :)


Exercise:  2 mile walk outside.  I've been transitioning my workouts to the outdoors to get more fresh air and sun.  It is starting to enter the hot and humid months in Texas, and this morning it was HUMID.  It's supposed to be 90 today.  In the coming months I may have to switch back to the indoor treadmill or wake up early in the morning before it gets unbearably hot. 


Meditation:  Yep, got 15 minutes in during the afternoon


Mood:  Great today - Tiger's Blood!  (We need to get a Tiger emoticon for this forum...)


M1: The usual. 2 scrambled eggs, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2:  Leftiover BBQ beef with green beans, sweet potato, and olives


M3:  Eggroll in a bowl w/ 1/2 avocado, potato salad & tomatoes


Other Thoughts:  I'm still feeling the urge to snack at nighttime.  Specifically, right after the kids go down for bed.  It's such an ingrained "ritual" to have a snack at that time.  The cravings are strong, but I know it's not really hunger.  I've tried replacing a hot shower for the snack, but that hasn't managed to work.  I don't want to drink anything, like tea, or I'll be up for pee breaks all night.  If I can tackle this one thing - it would all be smooth sailing.

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Mood:  Great today - Tiger's Blood!  (We need to get a Tiger emoticon for this forum...)


The first time I was reading the website, I thought it said "TIGGER Blood". Ever since I've imagined Tigger bouncing on his tail every time someone types Tiger Blood. That's an emoticon we need!  :lol:

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Day 21 - Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming....


Sleep:  Slept pretty well even though my daughter woke up crying at 5am, we both went back to sleep pretty quickly until the alarm went off.


Exercise: Couch to 5K W1D2.  It's not nearly as difficult as I thought it would , but.... I'm only in Week 1


Meditation:  Complete, but it was so difficult today.  Really active monkey mind!


Mood:  So far, so good.  I had one of the food dreams last night and it crushed me.  I passed my this cheese tray and popped some in my mouth before even thinking, then found myself eating an ice cream cone.  I felt so distraught that I would have to start over :o


M1: The usual. 2 scrambled eggs, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


Post-WO: Chicken & Sweet potatoes


M2: Leftover burger on a salad with asparagus, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado & Tessemae's dressing


M3:  Kielbasa, Potato & Peppers w/ 1/2 avocado


Other Thoughts:  Just been a stressful week.  My husband has been out of town all week, so I'm solo-parenting 2 pre-schoolers. He gets home tomorrow and I am just so beat.  I want to comfort eat sooooo bad!

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Day 22 - Hanging in There


Sleep:  It was okay.  I woke up and got out of bed before my alarm again, so that's a good practice.


Exercise: Tomorrow we lay hardwood floor in my daughter's room, so instead of walking or jogging this morning - I moved her furniture, tore out the carpet, and did all of the sub-floor prep. I got just as many steps as my usual walk.jog and I really needed a shower after  :P


Meditation: Complete


Mood:  It's okay.  Just really looking forward to my husband getting home tonight.


M1: Leftover hamburger patty, sweet potato, veggies, and 1/2 avocado.  Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2: Leftover Eggroll in a bowl, leftover kielbasa, potatoes, and peppers + olives


S:  Larabar (because dinner will be much later than usual)


M3:  My first time out at a restaurant for a group meeting! Eeek!  checked out the menu and I had fajitas, grilled veggies, salsa, and guacamole. And I brought some LaCriox so I can drink something while they have margaritas. By the way, restaurant eating on the W30 is totally not worth it ($$$) unless you absolutely can't avoid it.  I ask them to hold back 1/2 of the plate and end up paying full price for a meal.


Other thoughts: Today has been the strongest "I really want to quit" day yet.  I'm just so weary.  Weary of being so strict, of worrying before I go out to eat, of so much preparation.  I miss my sweet, creamy coffee.  I'm just craving every bad item today - diet soda, donuts, lattes, cheesy pasta.  I think this has more to do with just general life stress, and I'll make it through, but today I just wish I could have some "time off".

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Hanging in there you are!  Eating out on Whole30 really can be lousy and it has the potential to be SO good if there was a restaurant offering Whole30 options because the meals we make at home are good.  Glad you're still here.  Hope flooring goes smoothly! :)

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Day 23 - All Work, No Play


This was another round of laying hardwood flooring in our home.  It's an all day endeavor and definitely counts as quite a workout!  I ate compliant all day, but some of my meals were crazy food combinations, because it's the last day of the week and I'm clearing out the fridge.  Re-stock grocery shopping tomorrow for the last 7 days of W30!  Likely, I will continue longer because I don't really have any food I desperately want to reintroduce right now, so I might as well keep going.  


I got more compliments lately and my husband may actually start up too  :D

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Day 24 - Tons of Energy


Sleep; I slept really well last night and woke up without any grogginess.


Exercise:  Couch to 5K W1D3 - first week complete!  Even though I was really sore from yesterday, I managed to get into my workout clothes and out for my jog right after waking up.  Daddy was watching the kids this morning. Then I took my daughter to go grocery shopping.




Mood: Really good today. Lots of energy, getting lots of things done.  But now that the kids are down for nap I am going to settle on the couch and read for a bit.


M1: Cleaning out the fridge - 2 scrambled eggs, 1 chicken sausage, mashed sweet potato, sliced tomatoes, Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2: Burger patty over a bed of salad greens, tomato, cucumber, 1/2 avocado, and Tessemae dressing


M3: NomNom's Cracklin Chicken, Pineapple coleslaw w/ homemade mayo & green beans


Other Thoughts:  It's the first day of my period and I can tell. I'm a little bloated all over, fingers, etc. But I don't have any cramps at all which is awesome  :)

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Day 25 - Day 25!!!



Sleep: Slept really good last night and woke up before the kids this morning.  I just laid in bed until I heard them making noise in their rooms and I got up to fix us breakfast.


Exercise:  Nothing formal.  I'll be lucky if I can get my steps in today - it's storming pretty good right now.  I'm still sore and my period has left me with a lack of energy.


Mood: I was super, super cranky this morning and I'm wondering if it's just my period.  I'm feeling better right now after the kids napped and I had a cup of coffee.


M1: The usual. 2 scrambled eggs, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2: Burger patty over a bed of salad greens, tomato, cucumber, 1/2 avocado, sweet potato and Tessemae dressing


Coffee w/ coconut milk


M3: Walnut crusted pork loin, pineapple coleslaw, sweet potatoes


Other Thoughts:  I just read "It Starts With Food" and wow is it much more comprehensive than the Whole30 book.  I'm glad I read both.  But now it has really got me worrying about the foods I feed my kids.  I really want to teach them to eat right, but I'm at a loss on how to start.  My 4 yo son is a super picky eater.  It's taken a year to get him to eat broccoli, green beans, and raw spinach.  I know there are resources for Paleo Parents out there, but I need a slow transition plan rather than cold-turkey.  More to think on.....

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I'm doing slow transition with my kids (4 next month, and 6). Younger one loves meat and is ok with veggies. Older one hates meat and eggs, loves bread, pasta, etc and fruit. They both like a lot of dairy. I think I could get the younger one on Whole30 pretty easy. Older one? Cutting out grains and reducing her fruit will be very hard. Here's what we've been doing lately:


Breakfast is Whole30 50% of the time. My parents made the kids pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Neither one ate very much and wanted my breakfast instead!


Lunches are almost always grain-based (packed for school/sitter - so much easier, I know that's a lame excuse)


Snack is usually fruit and grains.


Dinner is almost always Whole30. When my oldest doesn't want to eat the meat (she has moral objections to it so I'm not going to force her - I was vegetarian for 32 years!), I don't feel bad that her entire meal is a ton of vegetables! I do wish it was more balanced though.


When summer starts, I might try Whole30 with them if my husband will join in. If not, I'm going to have a hard time explaining why he gets toast for breakfast and they don't. Sigh. But I'd at least like to do grain-free days every other day, no sugar added (which they are very close to except PBJ once a week and tea with honey once or twice a week) and only goat dairy (which will be easy now that the goats are producing a lot).

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Thank you madness, that does help.  I worry alot about "mixing and matching" and the damage it could do.  I don't even know if that statement makes sense. 


My 4.5 yo son will eat chicken and corn dogs as his meat source, only. Occasionally a bite of egg or some sausage.  I did manage to get him to eat one tiny bite of pork loin last night, but he wouldn't have another.  He eats mainly whole fat yogurt, PB&J, crackers, waffles, cheese, lots of fruit, and some raw spinach.  Luckily, he hates potatoes (even french fries), rice, beans, and pasta, so I don't have to wean him off those products.  And we've already stopped feeding them milk.


My 3 yo daughter eats anything, so I think she's do paleo/W30 quite easily.


I also don't want to make their eating routines at school more complicated, so it would really be paleo at home. On the weekends, they usually have PB&J for lunch (because they don't get it at school so it's not an every day thing for them), and crackers and fruit for snacks.  But isn't a cracker/fruit snack just feeding their sugar dragons?


Ha ha - also.... they don't really like sweet beyond fruit.  I guess that's good?  I get them cake for their birthdays and they pick at it.  Grandma brings over donuts and they nibble, then it gets left on the floor for the dogs to eat. 


Part of me thinks I'm over-thinking this, but the quality of food that I feed them has now become a big concern.  Maybe I'll post this over in Whole30 and Kids, since this forum isn't moderated...

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Day 26 - Almost There!


Sleep: Had lots of strange dreams last night, but yet again I woke up before my alarm clock and laid in bed for a few minutes before it went off.


Exercise: Couch to 5K W2D1 - it was still storming this morning, so I had to do my workout on the treadmill


Mood:  Lacking motivation today.  This weekend was just so busy that today.... I really don't feel like doing anything.  I can barely get my work done.


M1: The usual. 2 scrambled eggs, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


Post-WO; 1/2 banana w/ a little almond butter (not a great PWO snack, but this is an area I need to fine tune)


M2: Leftover pork, broccoli, sweet potato & olives


M3: Leftover pork, salad greens, tomatoes, cucumber, 1/2 avocado, tessemae dressing


Other Thoughts:  I didn't meal plan as well as I have in previous weeks.  Weekend end were thought out, but I don't know that I bought enough food to make it through the week.  I'll have to survey the fridge and see what I need to buy later this week.


Also, it seems that as my period has progressed my symptoms have gotten worse.  It's the 4th day now, and all the bloating, mild cramping, lower back soreness, and GI issues are all back.  Part of the reason that I have no motivation to do anything, because I just feel sore and cranky.  Looking forward to my period finishing.

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Day 27 - Tick Tock, Tick Tock



Sleep: There were sleep interruptions last night.  My daughter was having coughing fits and I had to get up and help her out.  But I woke up feeling pretty good.


Exercise: 45 minute walk outside. 


Mood:  Pretty good.  Excited to see what results the 30 days have accomplished (scale and measurements), because I do feel a difference. My period symptoms are subsiding, so I feel like I can get more done.  


M1:  2 scrambled eggs, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2:  Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, olives


M3: Burger, potato, and peppers skillet w/ 1/2 avocado


Other Thoughts:  I'm definitely heading right into another 30 days after this and.... my husband has decided to join in as well!  I have told him that he needs to read the book before Saturday (his Day 1, my Day 31), so that he's not just "taking my word for it" but has already read it directly from the book.

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Day 28 - I Can't Believe I'm Almost There!


Sleep: I slept okay, but I had weird dreams all night long. I was so happy when the alarm went off, but I wasn't really alert until I started in on my cup of coffee.


Exercise: W2D2 Couch to 5K, with extra walking for a total of 45 minutes. Lots of energy for it - felt good.


Mood: Doing good so far.  I have had alot of work stressors this week, so I have been craving comfort, snacky foods all week.  Luckily, I have been able to resist, but it has been a struggle.


M1:  1 scrambled egg, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2: Leftover Pork, broccoli, sweet potato w/ coconut oil


M3:  Chicken, greens, tomato, cucumber, 1/2 avocado, Tessemae dressing 


Other Thoughts: The last 2 days of my 30 days have turned out to be extremely busy with evening activities that prevent M3 at the normal time.  I am really going to have to be strategic about this.  We have Kindergarten Orientation from 5:30-6:30, then have to immediately start in on the kids' bedtime routine, so probably no dinner until 7:30.  On Friday (Day 30), we have Pre-K Graduation from 6:30-8:30, BUT.... they recommend we be there really early to be able to snag seats :(  They have 120 chairs for 28 students, but I guess everyone brings there 12 cousins to these things....  We essentially have to get home from work and go. I'm just not sure how we're going to work that.  Bring food and eat while in the audience???


Why, why, why did the last week of this 30 days have to turn out to be so stressful?  I did not have Crappy Work Week scheduled on my calendar when I started this.  But I realize that it's the perfect example of "Life Happens," and my eating habits need to be able to roll with the punches.  Believe me, I was standing at my fridge at 3pm this afternoon looking in for a snack.  But I knew it was only fueled by emotion and not by hunger, so I closed the fridge.  

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Yeah for husband joining in! And I do hope he reads the book. My husband tried to argue with me over what some of the points - when all I've said is "no grain". I told him if he wasn't the "why", he has to read himself! 


At least take an emergency snack with you even if it's just to tide you over until dinner. Good luck!

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Day 29 - Eeeeeeee!!!



Sleep: I'm switching from Melatonin to Magnesium, so I didn't fall asleep as easily as I have been.  But even though I didn't sleep as soundly, I feel okay today.


Exercise:  45 minute walk outside before the storms hit. AGAIN.


Mood:  Good, but still in the midst of my stressful week.  I have a presentation to give this afternoon, and if the storms are too bad, I may have to skip the Kindergarten Orientation  :( (Yay! we were able to make Orientation and I could easily avoid the piles of cookies they had everywhere!)


M1:  2 scrambled eggs, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2:  Apple Chicken Sausage, sauteed greens, potatoes, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado


S: Larabar (M3 was pushed late)


M3:  Chicken, salad greens, tomato, dressing, olives


Other Thoughts: Busy, busy day, but I managed!

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Day 30!!!!!!!!! - I Did It!


Sleep: Screw Magnesium supplements.  They may make me relaxed and sleepy but they don't actually help me fall asleep.  I'm going back to Melatonin, because for the last few years I've never had a problem and have never had to increase dosage.


Exercise: W2D3 Couch to 5K, plus more walking for a total of 3 miles.


Mood:  So excited to have reached 30 days!  However, this was by far the busiest, craziest day of the 30, and was the most challenging to coordinate a proper eating schedule.


M1: 1 scrambled egg, Ground Pork, veggies, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado. Coffee w/ coconut milk


M2:  Chicken thigh, sweet potato, a whole cucumber, tomatoes, and olives


M3: Denny's before Pre-K Graduation (brought my Tessemae's!) - Steak salad with avocado and hard boiled eggs


Other Thoughts:  Hurray I did it! A little later I will write up all of my observations for the month  :D Day 31 one starts with my husband along for the journey this time!

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First Whole30 Accomplishments!


Wow, I just feel wonderful after this first round of W30.  It was a challenge, of course, because I have a Snacky Demon like no other, but I made it through. 


Weight Day 1 = 179

Weight Day 31 = 173.6


Measurements (I forgot and measured on May 9th, so these are 12 day results)

Waist = 32" (-1")

Hips = 40.25" (-3/4")

Butt = 43.5" (-1.5")

Thigh = 26" (-1/4")

Bust = 38" (same)


Beyond the weight loss, I've had so many encouraging results

  • I no longer feel exhausted throughout the day, and try to use food and coffee to keep me going.  I am down to a single cup of coffee in the morning.
  • I have only taken one nap during the whole month (used to be almost daily)
  • I have not taken a single allergy pill or hit from my asthma inhaler (I have allergies that have required daily medication)
  • I have so much more energy and desire to exercise! I went from zero exercise n Day 1 to Jogging by Day 31.  I haven't jogged in almost 10 years!
  • I no longer have the frequency and severity of mood swings.  Of course I still get cranky and frustrated, but it has more to do with stress rather than blood sugar levels.
  • I lost the desire to have my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.


I am going straight into another 30 days of Whole30, because I still have some non-scale goals to work on.

  • I want to really, truly slay the Snack Demon - specifically the urge to snack in the evening when I wind down.
  • I want to deeply embed these eating practices and make them a way of life.
  • I want to slowly transition my children to a desire for cleaner eating.
  • I want to coach my husband through his W30.
  • I want to try an even greater variety of recipes and foods.
  • I would like to see what happens when I eliminate nuts, bananas, and white potatoes from my diet (they have all seemed to give me gut pain/bloating)
  • And, of course, lose more weight
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