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Early Bleeding


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I've started my first Whole30 April 5th which was the first week after my period. TMI... I was expecting 3 weeks of no bleeding followed by my regular 1 week of menstruating.  I am currently on birth control and have been regular for a few years now.  I was in the clear the first week of Whole30, but the second week (last week) and still up to today have been having a medium flow.  I'm getting a tad nervous as to why this is lasting so long when it is normally 4 days.  I have an appt scheduled on the 28th, but if anyone has some tips as to what could be the cause (certain foods or lack of), I would appreciate any advice or others' experiences.


My food as been pretty much the same so far: 

Last week (the week breakthrough bleeding started) for breakfast I was eating egg omelets with peppers, onions, and mushrooms with some kind of fruit.

Lunch was leftovers or a chicken salad with some cashews.

Dinner has been a mix of protein and some kind of veg, mostly green beans, sweet potatoes, or brocoli.


This week I've switched up to fresh eggs, fresh breakfast sausage and sweet potatoes for breakfast with some strawberries.

Lunch and dinner are about the same.


I have not had many white potatoes though.



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I've been reading through google about what others are experiencing and it seems that dairy may have something to do with it? Hormones in the milk. Since I have changed the quality of meat I buy and stopped dairy (I started W30 on 9 April and my period started the next day and is still going too!) I am putting it down to hormone changes because of what I am eating. I am now eating grain fed lean meats and no dairy - which is a big change for me since I love the morning full milk latte on the way to work. I'm also looking at the quality of the eggs I am eating and only buy free range hormone free now. 


I'm not too worried about the bleeding since I am not putting hormones into my body through food anymore. I am happy that I didn't have the usual PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) - I call it Maximum PMS hahahaha... when I become psychotic, forgetful and confused all within 48 hours. For the first time I didn't want to murder everyone for no reason whatsoever (my family are pretty grateful). The pain with this period is a lot more painful than usual though, causing pain down my sciatic nerve and into my left leg, only because I am now in day 2 of the heavier part of my period (which means I will hopefully be done by tomorrow). I've also had a headache since Monday but I have also had extreme craving for sugar - which is what I usually eat loads of once PMDD starts. Since my body isn't getting what it wants when it usually wants it, I feel the psychological fight kicking in. I have however realised that this morning, I drank a mouthful of juice and realised that sugar had been added to it.... Looks like it's day 1 tomorrow but that's ok.


I dont use contraceptives even though I've tried every kind - nuvaring, injection, IUD, implant, different types of the pill. They all cause prolonged heavy bleeding so that is why I think with the change of food quality (foods that exclude hormones) and cutting out dairy (my favourite after sugar) that my period is playing up. I think once my body is back to a baseline state and then I will reintroduce dairy and see what happens. I won't be reintroducing hormone meats though... I think it's just gross hahahaha...

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I'm glad to hear someone else is experiencing this as well.  I LOVE my milk and I am hoping it is the lack in dairy and not something more serious.  All I know is having my period for 3 weeks out of 4 is getting pretty old!!!


I'm wondering if there is a different food that can be eaten to regulate that lack in hormones...

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I've been kind of concerned about the same thing... I finished my cycle a week or so before beginning the Whole30 on April 1st and within a week started a full blown second cycle! I figured that hormones were the culprit since my PCOS is a huge factor and the one thing I haven't given up before is dairy, so I assumed that had something to do with it. But I've started spotting here and there again... enough to make me and hubby wonder if it was something like implantation bleeding, but it's getting a little more heavy as of today, so there went that little possibility haha

I had my well womans last week so I'm waiting for the results to see if all is well on that end... but my bet is damn hormones. Plus my hirsutism has gotten SO much worse, but my face is clearing up... rofl gotta love trying to find a balance.

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I may need to ask my doctor if he can give me a hormone pill to make it STOP!  haha.  Almost 2 weeks and going strong with this darn bleeding.  Next week is supposed to be my regular cycle, I'm not sure if I should stop taking my pill, or just roll into the next pack haha.  These women problems can be a real pain!  We try to better our health and body and we get punished with early and substaining menstrual cycles. Grrrr

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I would go see your doctor. This could be something that just happened to happen at the same time as Whole30...those things happen. Yes Whole30 can mess with your cycle, but that seems a bit extreme. My last Whole30 brought my period about 2 days early after being 3 days late for about 4 months in a row but my cycle length was still the same. I'm not on hormonal birth control though. It's possible your dose may need adjustment or something else is going on completely.

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I'm having the same thing, but I'm only on day 6 of my Whole 30. My previous period ended on 4/23. Started Whole 30 on 4/25. Everything was fine days 1-4, then yesterday (day 5) my period starts back up... And this is "full-force" menstruation, not spotting. Never happened before in my life, I'm normally totally regular.


Thinking should I abandon the program? My husband and I want to try to conceive in a couple of months, I'm worried all this will cause issues if I'm messing up my menstruation cycles!

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Why would you want to abandon a program that initially upsets your cycles but will help balance your hormones, meaning you'll body will be much more prepared to get pregnant? Think about the long game here, not the the short term disruption.

PS - I know many people that got pregnant while doing a whole 30 or just after. Myself included. It's worth it. Hang in there.

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Having the same problem! Day 16 now, and I'm spotting. I don't take birth control and I've always been regular (27 days like clockwork). Cramped up and cranky and tired, feels like PMS. 


This is something that happens with low carbers and paleo, too. Could be related to insulin as insulin affects estrogen (don't ask me how!) or with estrogen being stored in fat cells, which is released with fat loss. 

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I will say that I've seen a lot of women with fertility issues have a lot of luck getting pregnant after or during their w30, it's definitely not going to do any harm to stick with it :) We're hoping this lifestyle change will bring us some luck before seeking fertility treatments in the near future

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