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Let's try this again..Day 15, toxins?

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Not sure what is up with my computer...but I am looking for some answers..

I am on day 15, and feeling pretty great- only a few energy slumps, but they are getting fewer and fewer.


I was wondering though if that toxins could still be in my system- my face is breaking out, and I do find myself tired sometimes..

I will say, for the first four days of program I made a mistake, and used non compliant almond milk (1/2 cup in a recipe) that I ate over the four days.  THEN, made salad dressing using coconut milk that was non compliant (1/2 cup for recipe)- I ate 2 Tablespoons on day nine and ten. 


Could these mistakes have impeded my program? I am planning on going longer than the 30 days,  but was wondering if there was any way to speed up release of the toxins? Do you know of anything I can do, if in fact toxins are still there?


Thanks, and sorry for the computer problem..




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No worries about the computer problems - all sorted now  ;) 

Ok, a couple of things are known to cause skin outbreaks, and they tend to be based on what you've been eating a week to 10 days previously... Nuts, dried fruits & bars like larabars are the biggest culprits, but there are certain types of coconut milk that have BPA in the can and a number of members have suffered skin outbreaks as a result of using this type of milk.

If you could post what you have been eating over the last lot of days we'll be better equipped to help you troubleshoot.

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Thank you both!!

Jmcbn, I have only had a little coconut milk in past few days, it was all organic ...don't remember the brand....besides that, just fruit, veggies and protein ..... I also have had coconut butter .... That's why I thought maybe it's just toxins.... I drink about 96 oz of water each day, hopefully that will help flush them out....

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