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Carolines First Whole 30


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I am a busy mom of a 3 and 6 year old, I work full time nights as an ICU RN.  


Day 0 spent the whole day cooking and prepping.  Mornings are very hectic and I wanted a quick compliant breakfast,  I made these egg muffins http://www.paleonewbie.com/paleo-sweet-potato-egg-cups-recipe/


Day 1 Went well,  I am noticing how much I impulsivly eat.  Not hungry not craving anything but I notice something that might be yummy and immedialty eat it with out any thought.   Also felt like I spent all day cooking.   I had a migraine this evening I am wondering if this is the carb flu early?


Day 2 woke up feeling fine.  No headache, no flu feelings,  slightly elevated energy level.


Day 3  Still no carb flu,  I went to my moms for lunch and brought greens to saute and eggs and potatoes.  She is very supportive and ate the same thing.   Planning on spending some time today figuring out what to bring for all 3 night shifts.  This is what I am most nervous about.  Bonus, went to the butcher that is on block from my house.  They have sugar free and MSG free sausage.  Also the have pancetta and procuttio since I can't find sugar free bacon.  

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