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1st time Whole30 started April 15th


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I finally joined the forum although I've been reading everything I can get my hands on.  I started my first program on April 15th so today is day 7.  So far so good, although I really miss having a glass of wine, lol.


I'm 45 an avid exerciser and generally a pretty good eater but I really wanted to clean up my diet and habits, most troubling being too much sugar.  No health problems other than life long battle with depression although I've been keeping myself in a pretty good place for a while now, thankfully.  So I did my research, set my date and jumped in with the support of my best friend who is also doing the program. 


So 7 days and I notice I'm sleeping better, my hair and skin looks amazing and I feel like some weight is dropping off.  AWESOME!  I noticed that I had "kill all things" on day 2 and on days 4&5 I yawned pretty much non-stop the whole day, lol.  Both my friend and I noticed being very thirsty the first few days, even though we are used to drinking tons of water.  Not sure what all is going to happen on this adventure but I'm excited!  Come on Tiger Blood!!!

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