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Playing all day - what to bring


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My husband and I are planning to spend all day Saturday about 45 minutes from our home. Mostly in and near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


We'll be starting the day with a compliant breakfast that will be big and hearty. But then we will have no guarantee of finding a restaurant we can eat at and will have limited space to pack a cooler/large bag (we'll be on foot and I don't want to carry more than a purse). We probably won't be home until 4 or 5 maybe later if we have dinner at his mother's (no worries about making compliant food, she's happy to let me help in the kitchen and I can keep things under control).


We're going to the DeYoung Museum so I don't even know if we can bring food in, but hopefully they don't search my bag too thoroughly.


We will be near grocery stores, especially plenty of Asian markets, corner stores and at least one gourmet market.


So, what are good portable things that don't need to be refrigerated and aren't too heavy.


Thoughts so far:


  • Chicken breast, cooked and sliced
  • Olives, in a snack bag
  • Cut up veggies and a pack of nut butter
  • Sardines packed in olive oil (I love them... husband not so much)

Any great ideas I'm missing?

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You can also do pouches of fish that aren't sardines, assuming they don't have non compliant stuff added, and maybe grab avocado while you're out if you don't want olives or nut butter?

Knowing me, I'd love a mason jar salad of sorts, but layered with roasted veggies instead of salad greens and maybe a fun dressing that's not mayo based so it doesn't spoil as fast. I've been known to stick an ice pack in my purse next to perishables to help it stay cool until I could eat them.

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