Whole30 Day 4!


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We've made it to 4 days so far! It's great having my husband doing this along with me. He relunctantly agreed out of support for me but he's been suffering from awful headaches (he's a migraine sufferer anyway). He hasn't given in yet but I'm afraid he's going to back out. When do the headaches subside and what can I do to keep him motivated?



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Be sure he's salting his food, drinking plenty of water (1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz), and be sure he's eating enough. Keep in mind the meal template is based on a person's own hands for portions, for instance 1-2 palm sized portions of protein, so if your palm is smaller than his, be sure he's eating to his palm size, and if he needs to eat at the upper end of the meal template, that's fine. Extra starchy vegetables in this first week or so may also help. Eat other vegetables as well, but some potato or sweet potato (not more than a fist-sized serving or so) at each meal is fine.

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