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Ready for a 'whole' new Joy!

A 'Whole' new Joy

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Hi- I'm Joy, and I will begin my journey on April 25th. I am from Southwest, La. (Cajun country- helloooooo food!)

I am a teacher and mother of 4.

For the most part, I've always been active and eaten well.  I am not in denial when I say have a HUGE gummy/candy problem.  I mean--its ridiculous.  :wacko: 


About 2 years ago, during a workout, I injured one of my discs.  I was in denial for awhile, until a few months ago I finally broke down and had an MRI. My MRI showed my fears- several bulging discs and a huge herniation at L4/5.  I started PT, meds, but neither helped.  After awhile, my pain was so great that I could hardly walk and couldn't work.  Between the meds and being inactive, I gained 10 lbs and felt just all around yucky.


I finally faced my fears and had surgery on back April 19th- which resulted in being the right decision, as my Dr later stated I would not have healed on my own.  I'm just on day 2 from recovery, but I am ready to have my normal, healthy WHOLE life back. :)


I am looking forward meeting others on this journey, whether its sharing stories, venting or just a laugh.  :D

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