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Hey! Hi, my name is Alexis and this Sunday I was invited to go salsa dancing with a bunch of friends. I need an idea which I can pack and eat there at the place. I can't eat before because we are going right after my religous meeting (2:30-4:30) and we won't be heading to anyone's house first so I can't heat up any food. Any ideas please and thank you!! I was thinking of bringing a fruit salad, 2 boiled eggs and possibly a larabar...

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I'd ditch the larabar, especially if you're having fruit salad too. Boiled eggs are good -- you might want more than two, especially if you're planning on dancing for very long -- that can definitely be a workout.


Instead of (or in addition to) the fruit salad, try a veggie-based salad (doesn't have to be like a lettuce salad, try potato salad or beet salad or broccoli salad), or even just leftover roast vegetables. Grilled chicken, meatballs, or burger patties can keep well too, if you don't want to take more eggs. You could take olives, coconut flakes, or individually packaged containers of guacamole for fat.


If you really feel you must take a bar or something like that, try an Epic bar (not all varieties are compliant, read your labels) or some compliant jerky.

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