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The next 30 days .... mainly compliant with a bit of off roading


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I finished my Whole 30 only a couple of weeks ago and have to say that when it finished I did some fairly major off roading interspersed with days of eating compliantly. I've paid for the off roading though which has really highlighted to me the impact of eating bread and sugary processed food.

Some of the side effects of off roading were:

  • feeling sick to my stomach
  • low energy levels - to the point of sleeping several hours during the day on the weekends
  • feeling a bit distracted and unmotivated with normal activities.
  • sleeping badly - waking up at midnight and staying awake for hours and then feeling groggy and hungover in the morning.

So all up this was pretty horrid but will help motivate me to eat healthy more often than not in the future. I also have weight loss goals and know that this way of eating is a good way to help with that.

November and December are pretty big months for me on the social and travel side of things so October is a good opportunity for me to have another stint at eating compliantly for the most part anyway. I have a couple of social activities during the month when it will be difficult to be compliant. So this can't be called a Whole30 but I do want to be accountable for the rest of the time (I keep talking about being compliant and then go and eat a chocolate :) ). Soooo I have decided to log my meals and also some of my thoughts/emotions throughout October.

Here goes.

Today's food was:

  • Brekky - 2 x pork belly, fried egg, avocado
  • Lunch - roast veges and roast chicken, pear
  • Dinner - green chicken curry with some extra spinach and sunflower sprouts on top, pear.

My goals, which I have posted elsewhere, but which I'll post here again are:


  • Practice some easy, low prep meals from the ISWF and Well Fed. I have time at the moment to do cookups but that won't always be the case so I need some tricks up my sleeve.
  • Trial salad dressings and dressings for veges – I eat salads at lunch a lot and they need a bit of vamping up.
  • Drink more water. I have felt increasingly dehydrated which has been exasperated by starting back at hot yoga. Definitely need to beef the water intake up.


  • Stop watching tv in bed. Read instead.

Stress Management

  • Take a 10 minute break from work every hour.
  • Get out of the office and make the most of the glorious spring weather we are having.


  • Go for a walk or cycle 3-4 times a week before work
  • Do 3-4 classes of yoga a week.

Personal Growth

  • Finish reading ISWF (especially the pages on reintroduction) - Done.


  • Investigate some community based volunteer work and then book myself in (something I have been thinking of doing for ages).

Lastly, I have attached a poster that I recently saw on Facebook on 10 Things you must give up to move forward which I really liked and which I thought I'd share.


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Sounds like doing a similar October to me. Good luck! Your breakfast sounds gorgeous, by the way.

Hey Arabis, love pork belly. We can't get sugar free bacon in Australia so the pork belly is a very nice substitute.

Today was a good day. Food log is:

  • Brekky - 2 x poached eggs, avocado, fried sweet potato, spinach and sunflower sprouts (was supposed to have my favourite lamb and rosemary sausages but accidentally left them on the counter overnight AAAAhhhhhhh!!
  • Lunch - Went out and had Chicken Casear salad without the dressing and parmesan cheese. Was okay and surprisingly filing
  • Dinner - had a pre dinner snack of a pear and then steak, roast sweet potato, steamed asparagus and some mayo. Also had some home made tomato sauce that I made on the weekend which was yum. Thanks so much for the recipe suggestion Derval.

Other goals - no tv in bed last night. Yay, I find this habit really hard to break. Also, took regular breaks at work today. It does make a difference to have a few quick breathers.

Other good news - My copy of Well Fed finally arrived in the post today. Can't wait to get stuck into it.

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