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Starting May 2nd + attempting yoga!


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Hey there friends!

I've completed Whole30 once before with great results, ending 18 pounds down over the 30 days.

A year has passed, and after moving and getting married and taking a few holidays I feel like I need a good kickstart again and have decided to throw myself back into this world!

I'm aiming for May 2nd - as much as I'd like to start right this second, I have to wait for pay day to do a big healthy grocery shop, so until then, I'll be giving myself a slow start and making the most out of whatever I have on hand (and..cough..finishing off the chocolate my friend sent from overseas..).

I'm also considering trying yoga for the first time (at home, from the safety of a pinterest board) - I'm incredibly unfit with no flexibility and have zero strength so I figured I could give this a shot for at least 30 days at the same time. 

If anyone else is a n00b getting into yoga for beginners or starting May 2nd, let's be friends!

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Hey there! My family and I will be finishing the second half of our whole60 with you in may. We are super excited about this journey. Hope we can communicate throughout.

I would, however, advise you to be very careful with yoga without a face to face instructor. As a novice myself, I can attest to you that it's very easy to over stretch or push yourself to hard in a home environment. Try to look for a yoga community that offers 101 type classes. It will be very helpful basic instruction in safe movement for building flexiblilty, stamina and core strength.

And please remember, with both yoga and the whole30, it's not about touching your toes or perfect balance, it's about the journey and rebirth!



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