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Slow weight gain - woot, woot!

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I hope it's okay to post this, and that this is an ok forum to do so :) I had to be weighed today at my normal appointment, and just completed a Whole21, since I have a non-negotiable non-compliant social function tonight. I'll be jumping right back into another Whole30 tomorrow.

Obviously as a pregnant mama, I'm not trying to lose weight during Whole30. But, I also started out overweight, and am at the point in my pregnancy (3rd trimester) where I typically start to snowball in weight gain. 6 or more pounds a month has been pretty typical in my 5 previous pregnancies, and adds up to an excessive weight gain each time.


5 weeks since my last appointment, 3 of which have been Whole30, and the 2 before that were spent moving towards Whole30 eating. In 5 weeks, I've only gained 2.2 lbs!


For me, that's amazing! I've not been hungry, I've eaten lots of yummy, declicious food, my baby is kicking all over the place. That would all be true if I'd gained more, but it is still a very nice affirmation that this is working well for me, my body, and my baby.

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