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New Runner looking for advice on pre/post workout meals


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Hello all, I'm hoping you can help me. I'm 5'8, about 200 pounds and trying to get to a normal BMI for my height. Since last May I have lost about 40 pounds, hit a plateau in January and started training for a 4-mile race as a non runner. (As an aside, the 4-mile race on 4/3 was cancelled such a bummer.)


Right now I am on Day 19 and still don't have as much energy for my runs as before (I could do about 3 miles without stopping). I definitely don't have Tiger Blood -- I mean I feel pretty good and don't have sugar cravings at all anymore.


Since I'm running 3x a week, less than 30mins a go, I haven't really been following the pre/post workout meals. I might have a handful of nuts before I run if its at night, but usually forgoing the post because of my weight/amount of exercise. Is this how I should be handling it? 


Also, I am running my first 5K tomorrow, any advice?

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I'm not sure how this got missed -- clearly you've run your 5k already, I hope it went well.


It would be helpful to see how you're generally eating overall -- many, many people undereat on Whole30, which could certainly explain the lack of energy.


Are you eating some starchy vegetables every day ? You probably should be having at least a fist-sized serving each day, especially since you're not doing pre- or post-workout. If your workouts feel strenuous to you (everyone is different -- sure, to some people a 30 minute run is nothing, but if you are pushing yourself for 30 minutes and feel exhausted after, then it was a hard workout for you), you probably ought to include some kind of post-wo -- just a few bites of lean protein, and maybe a little bit of starchy vegetable. Grilled chicken or water-packed tuna with a bit of sweet potato would work well. Here's a little more explanation of what to have post-workout.


Hopefully some other people will weigh in now -- I always feel a little unqualified to answer exercise related questions, since it's something I struggle with making myself do at all, and we have plenty of people here with lots more experience.

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