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Coffee! Favorite beans?? Cold press issues & french press or perc?


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Hi guys,

After checking out some of the recommendations in the forum and blog posts I decided to try making some cold press coffee using a french press with the directions on this Stuff I Make My husband post http://blog.stuffimakemyhusband.com/2012/08/the-perfect-pre-workout-coffee.html (that was linked to from a Whole9 blog post). I used Green Mountain, I did as directed with the exception on not diluting the final product as suggested and it just tastes like cold dirty water. Ugghhhh. Yes I can tell that it is indeed less acidic than traditional brew (which is good for my digestive tract) but I really can't imagine drinking this.

Now I do realize that the Green Mountain coffee isn't the darkest roast so that's part of the issue but certainly not all of it. Is cold press really as wonderful and flavorful as everyone says?

Also regardless of whether you make cold press, hot french press, or percolated - I would love some suggestions of your very favorite coffee beans (less than $10 per pound) that can be bought at most stores for a reasonable price (organic is a big plus). We have a great coffee roaster who's product I LOVE but their coffee runs $16/lb and with both my husband and I drinking it, that would be over $30 a week which is too much for us given our other food costs.

Also, with hot coffee do you prefer french press or percolating?

Thanks guys!

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