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I started Whole30 this past Monday, April18. This is day 6. I am a Diet Coke addict and would stop three times a day for a Route 44. I gave up smoking 26 years ago and I have been determined that nothing will ever make me give up my Diet Coke, my main vice. But I have been clean all week. And because I feel like I am in the zone to be successful it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal.

I started Whole30 because I have several autoimmune diseases, psoriatic arthritis the main health issue which I take injections for. After reading so much material on Whole30 & 9, my goal is not only to lose weight but to get off those injections which cannot be healthy for the rest of my body.

My husband and I are retiring at the end of the year and I want to be healthy so I can enjoy retirement. We have an RV and will be traveling months at a time. I want to be able to hike in the mountains and swim in the seas. I truly believe finding this book and this site is going to make my life so much better.


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